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Directed by Kel Dolen
The second feature for Kel Dolen (“Reign in Darkness”) is a claustrophobic decent into horror as a team of reality show spook hunters decide to spend the weekend in the wrong house. Starring the charismatic Michael Piccirilli (Gabriel) as the director of the reality TV show, things soon head South when a family of genetically altered mutants start bumping off the stars and crew of the film. “Gates of Hell” is a great new Oz Horror flick featuring a family of geeks that make the family in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” look like The Waltons. MUFF is proud to present the World Premiere of this new 1 million dollar Oz Horror flick produced by Industry veteran David Parker (“Malcom”, “The Big Steal”). A great way to start off MUFF 9… Through the Gates of Hell, baby!

Cast and Crew Q&A after screening, including;
Kel Dolen (before he jets off to the states for the Premiere there), David Parker, David Allen (co Producer), Justin Dix (co writer and Production Designer) and James Cole (Editor and VFX)

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Plus this short from Stuart ‘demonsamongus’ Simpson:

Director/Editor/Writer: Stuart Simpson
The Plot? A female nomad walks the barren landscape of the future apocalypse. She is a warrior. Blades of steel jut out from her wrists like knives. Because there are others to worry about: those freaky mutant bastards. And she’s pissed them off!

Complimentary Grolsch Beer & fingerfood for the masses
at After Party

7pm / Thurs 9 Oct / The George