Curated by Mike ‘Bad Lit’ Everleth

Some people are never invited to come inside.
So what! Inside it’s stifling. The air is thick with sweat and stale B.O. The food rots on the banquet table. The fizz fades on the soft drinks and champagne.

Outside is where the air is fresh. The breezes are blowing! The grass is squishy between your toes. Outside, there is freedom. Inside, the walls are closing in like a pine wooden coffin.

Outside, they’re building playgrounds. And not the crappy kind with rusty swings and a bumpy slide that drops your ass into a puddle of mud. These are lavish, towering contraptions with games and bridges and spires with portholes that set your mind to playing along with your body.

So, let’s visit with three individuals – two real and one fictional – who have built a trio of unique playgrounds:

7pm / Wen 15 Oct / Noise Bar
How to Start a Revolution in America
My Left Nut
Don’t Watch This Until I’m Dead
Military Takeover of New York City
Focus Group
Could This Be Real?
Deathbed Confession
The Real George W. Bush
Emergency Announcement

Mike Z is America ’s most dangerous filmmaker. How many filmmakers have been the subject of FBI harassment and had to be defended in court by the ACLU for a case that almost made it before the Supreme Court? (This happened to Mike for “Military Takeover.”) Most people don’t even know they’re watching a fictional Mike Z production. He’d prefer to stay anonymous, chuckling behind our backs as we fall for his hoaxes again and again; only to be revealed later for the crafty mastermind that he is.

Directed by Joshua von Brown
9pm / Wen 15 Oct / Noise Bar
Richard Havoc wants to be the ultimate outsider. He doesn’t want to just lead the revolution. He wants to BE the revolution. His playground is a literal one: an underground nuclear silo and drug manufacturing plant where he wants to spark the teen-ocalypse. Played by a riveting Daniel Louis Rivas, Havoc’s tragic flaw is that he doesn’t recognize he’s forever trapped by his insider mind. The revolution will come, but – even better – it’ll come with a really
cool photo-op.

Directed by Jessica Everleth
5pm / Sat 11 Oct / Glitch Bar
Ever since she first got Jimi Hendrix to jam himself into a tub of dental alginate to immortalize his massive member, Cynthia Plaster Caster has deserved her own wing in any worldly, “modern” art museum. She may have been a schoolgirl on a lark back in 1968, but casting rock stars penises became her life’s work. Yet, she has been cruelly disinvited from the “proper” art world. This documentary tells Cynthia’s story, invites us in on two intimate casting sessions and proves why she deserves a place at the table with Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol, etc.