MUFF 777

Troma Aroma Blows South
Lloyd Kaufman & Seven Toxic
Reasons To Go Spanish!
Curated by Michael Helms

It’s hard to believe thirty something years have passed since Troma began acquiring, distributing and producing their own crazed toxic brand of film. And now, here they sit atop a film library that is huge by any standards. This programme is a selection from that library that both celebrates and represents the non-stop dedication of the Troma team to filmmaking. With BLOODSUCKING FREAKS 2 in production and Lloyd Kaufman’s next directorial effort POULTRYGEIST: ATTACK OF THE CHICKEN ZOMBIES in post, the Troma roller coaster isn’t about to come to a stop soon either.

CRY UNCLE! (1970)
Director: John G. Avildsen
Writers: Michael Brett & David Odell
Producers: David Jay Disick & Frank Vitale
Cast: Alan Garfield, Paul Sorvino, Lloyd Kaufman, Madeleine Le Roux

A softcore comedy about people who worked together on a porn film. From the director of ROCKY made just after his breakthrough hit JOE. Originally banned in Oz and notorious for it’s necrophilia sequence. Lloyd Kaufman worked extensively behind the camera on CRY UNCLE! before Troma rescued it from obscurity several years after it’s manufacture. Funny and sick in and highly representative of what would become the Troma house approach to humour. (87 mins)
With documentary short MONDO FORD (6 mins)
Sunday 9 July 7pm | Glitch

Director: Charles Kaufman
Writers: Charles Kaufman & Warren D Leight
Associate Producers: Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz
Music: Phil Gallo & Clem Vicari
Cast: Nancy Hendrickson, Deborah Luce, Tiana Pierce, Holden McQuire, Billy Ray McQuade, Rose Ross

Kaufman brother Charlie roped in the whole family to make this cheesy, creepy killfest. Standing at the dawn of the slasher epoch Mother’s Day punches in and on with a three girl camping reunion gatecrashed by two demented back woods brothers. The boys play for keeps in order to please their equally degenerate mother and the jokes may sit too uneasily for some viewers alongside the brutal personal violence. (90 mins)
With snowbound and gory living dead short out of Quebec LE DIAMANT DES DAMNES — DIAMOND OF THE DAMNED (14 mins)
Friday 7 July 11pm | The Spanish Club

Director, writer, producer, editor: Daniel Krause
Cast: Jeff Towne, Genevieve Lutgen, Kim Davis, Kristi Fitzpatrick

Jeff Towne is a thirty eight year old (he turns thirty nine during the course of the film) American with Down’s Syndrome. He lives with his 98 year old wheel chair-bound foster mother who calls him, “a glorious boy”. Filmmaker Daniel Krause unblinkingly takes us into Jeff’s lifestyle which is more rock’n’roll than your own and revolves around ,”Kirk (as in the Captain of the USS Enterprise), Mall & Film”, with a daily dose of the Three Stooges on the side and plenty of hugs for his female colleagues at the Cinema that he nominally ‘works’ at. After JEFFTOWNE you’ll never look at a handicapped person in the same way again. (60 mins)
With fun wistful short KID FEARS (11 mins) & WORKING STIFF (14 mins)
Wednesday 12 July 7pm | Pop Shop Gallery

Director, writer, music: Giuseppe Andrews
Producer: Adam Rifkin
Cast: Bill Nowlin, Ruthe Estes, Walt Dongo

Giuseppe Andrews first feature is in black and white because he couldn’t find the colour control. With money from the director of DETROIT ROCK CITY Andrews put together TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING. Andrews saw his first movie a Fassbinder film, at the age of 17. TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING is very much like Fassbinder meets BUM FIGHTS. Andrews stars as Coney Island, a young guy with an identity crisis. Mom is a cokehead with a boyfriend she met at rehab bingo and Dad is permanently pissed when he’s not in jail which is where he is about to leave at the start of the film. Things look a little shaky for Coney and get a lot worse before they get better in his world of cheapjack caravan living. Highlights include a surprise birthday stripper and gang bang for Dad, gratuitous shit stomping and a happy ending involving farts and a jar of peanut butter. (83 mins)
With documentary short PLEASE KILL ME MR. KINSKI capturing the late, great German actor going off the deep end during the making of his last film, CRAWLSPACE (9 mins)
Saturday 8 July 9pm | The Spanish Club

Director: Lloyd Kaufman
Writers: Pat Cassidy, Douglas Buck & Lloyd Kaufman
Producers: Mark C.Adams, Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman
Original Music: Sean McGrath
Cast: Will Keenan, Alyce LaToirelle, Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon, Ron Jeremy, Lemmy Kilmister

TERROR FIRMER is an epic created by Troma to see in the new millennium with a bang. They throw in everything from the kitchen sink to a naked fat guy running loose in the streets of New York in this ode to filmmaking that pushes the gross-out bar way beyond the reach of anyone seeking to compete with Troma. Lloyd Kaufman directs himself playing blind filmmaker Larry Benjamin as death stalks his film set. See the Toxic Avenger having sex as Sgt. Kabukiman looks on and laugh as the sex of the killer is revealed in excruciating close up. Troma’s biggest gagfest! (114 mins)
Monday 10 July 7pm | Glitch

Director, writer, producer, score: Giuseppe Andrews
Cast: Bill Nowlin, Chief Stan, Walt Dongo

By TRAILER TOWN Andrews had found the colour control on his camera. He doesn’t spend as much time in front of it though as he utilises drinking and drugging curmudgeon Bill Nowlin again along with several other new star recruits from the trailer park where all his films seem to hermetically sealed. It all ends in a performance number after covering itself in shit and having sex with that shit! The end result is as strangely touching as TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING. (81 mins)
With short DEADBEATS starring WWE wrestler Mick Foley and featuring music by Man Or Atronman and The Woggles (28 mins)
Saturday 8 July 11pm | The Spanish Club

Director: Jenna Fischer
Writers: Jenna Fischer & Peter Alton
Executive Producer: James Gunn
Cast: James Gunn, Jenna Fischer, Linda Cardellini

James and Jenna are an idealistic young couple looking to do something for society that at the very least will launch Jenna as a national celebrity. They decide on a project they christen Lollilove which is designed to demonstrate their sharing caring attitudes (and attract massive donations and sponsorship) by handing out Chupa Chups wrapped in James’ own naïve artwork to as many homeless people as they can. Very cleverly put together (over three years) LOLLILOVE is slightly deeper and funnier than your average and now most commonly found mockumentary. More an instant classic along the lines of FORGOTTEN SILVER or THE RUTLES. Fischer has featured in the US version of THE OFFICE while Gunn who has had a major writing hand in both SCOOBY DOO features and the remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD has never forgotten his Troma roots which are on display in his first film as director, the recently released SLITHER. (64 mins)
With shorts ARROWHEAD BEER (5 mins), MARIJUANA’S REVENGE (5 mins), THE J2 PROJECT (12 mins).
Saturday 15 July 9pm | Glitch