MUFF 777

Opening Night
Thurs 6 - July 7pm
The Spanish Club

Dir: Jon Hewitt | 60 mins approx | Australia
Jon Hewitt’s third feature (well mini feature) is a breathless, flipped-out tale of crime, fate, mayhem and love. Completely shot on the mean streets of Sydney’s Kings X and starring Belinda McClory and Aaron Pedersen as star-cross’d lovers chasing a happy ending, ‘darklovestory’ is a dialectical fairytale about storytelling wrapped in a crime thriller dripping with sex, violence and subtext! Set over one frantic night in the mythic neon realm of Australia’s infamous red light district, Jon’s assured direction has a slightly surreal and dream-like edge that adds to the overall trance-like and fairytale feel of the film. McClory and Pedersen are fearless and excellent in their roles. Set pieces include the fuck scene that opens the film, the bashing scene where Belinda cops it just like her male counterpart, the hilarious heist-gone-wrong, and a great torture and blackout scene. Make no mistake, this is the best Australian film we have seen since discovering The Magician, so heads up people. It is authentic, political, adventurous and aggressive - exactly the way Australian films ought to be but aren’t. Make sure you are here Opening Night for the World Premiere of Jon Hewitt’s third opus, darklovestory. It is dark indeed.

Starring Belinda McClory, Aaron Pedersen, Anthony Phelan, Paul Capsis, Sandy Gore, Ian Roberts, Chris Baz, Don Atkinson, David Bonney, James Wardlaw.

Dir: Mark Savage | 25 mins | Australia
The new short from Mark Savage, following on from his MUFF award winning, sans dialogue, guerrilla masterpiece Defenceless, is “Stained”. Possibly one of the most disturbing films Mark has ever made and that is saying something, we are drawn into the world of child pornography and two people who may or may not be involved in its production and distribution. Excellent performances, some of the strongest in any of Mark’s work, and the intense subject matter make this film hard going but excellent all the same. If you have liked Mark’s work in the past you simply must see “Stained”.

Dir: Richard Wolstencroft | 4 mins | Australia | Film Clip
A fun film clip created for Snog’s latest electro masterpiece Crash Crash. Join the adventures of Bush, Saddam and Osama as they plot with a little help from Mossad to blow up, wait for it... Crown Casino and succeed! A clip that suggests that the war on terror is fiction, with all players essentially on the same team and part of the same problem.

Dir: Lloyd Kaufman | 20 mins | USA
A world exclusive preview of Lloyd’s Kaufman new film “Poultrygeist” from Troma studious NYC with Lloyd in da house, bitches. Expect some wild exclusive scenes from what looks like a real return to form of our esteemed International Guest Mr Kaufman, director of such classics as the Toxic Avenger series, Terror Firmer and Tromeo and Juliet. Don’t miss this exclusive taste of chicken gone bad.