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MUFF 8: Coming Soon!!
Pankow - Deny Everything clip is Banned in Italy!
A Review of some recent Aussie films
What Industry Crisis, Right?
Over population: Main Environmental Problem
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MUFF 8: Coming Soon!!

The dates for MUFF 8 are September 20 to 30, 2007. So if you’re planning a sojourn to Melbourne for the festival… you now know when to hijack a flight, commander a train or jack a ride. Venues are being confirmed; some old ones and some new improved MUFF venues to entice you out in September.

Festival Director Richard Wolstencroft has completed principle photography on his new feature which is called “The Beautiful and Damned”; a modern adaptation of the classic nihilistic decadent novel by F.Scott Fitzgerald and is now editing AND preparing MUFF toot sweet.

CALL For Entries Continues (but no for long):

The Clarion call continues for MUFF entries and our new ad campaign has started in the street press. It’s post St.K.F.F and MIFF so if they rejected you… it its up to MUFF to recognise your talent (and we generally do) so send it in! Text of our promo ad to follow:

"A utopia of rebel film making authenticity in a sea of mediocre cinematic bullshit"

The 8th Melbourne Underground Film Festival
Call for Entries Now On (until Tues July 24)

Be part of the only Australian film festival showcasing amazing work from the cutting edge vanguard of new Aussie talent...Be part of a festival also willing to speak the truth about the poor state of the Australian film industry (an industry that remains relatively unchanged in poor box office performance and mediocre artistic results despite many protestations to the opposite)! Be the next MUFF discovery in the festival that has discovered (and/or fostered) talent such as James Wan, Scott Ryan, Jon Hewitt, Mark Savage, Shannon Young, Anna Brownfield, Tom McEvoy, Stuart Simpson, Jason Turley, Bill Mousoulis, Mathew Clayfield, Garth Petridis and a host of others. Be part of the MUFF revolution and fight the power to get the Australian film Industry back where it should be and away from the mandarin champagne socialists who run it into the ground.

ENTRY form on line at:

Get those entries in and pick up Beat or Inpress in Melbourne to get the $10 off entry fee special offer with our ad!!


Yes we need more MUFFites as some lie wounded in the trenches of the culture wars and others go AWOL overseas. MUFF needs:

A Graphic Designer: A cherished MUFF position as you can construct our yearly assault open the tastes and mores of the cinema going public. Previous holders of this title have built up their portfolios and moved up the corporate ladder so high they are tres busy. So if you have flair for GD and a taste for the unusual in the graphic area… plus high powered Mac computers or the PC equivalent contact Festival director Richard Wolstencroft here:

Volunteers: Be part of the MUFF volunteers call for 2007. Contact Asst Director Eugene Grobbelaar at:

Yes Eugene is back in 2007 as Asst Director Direct (all the way from New Zealand) and we have an exciting new team to reveal in future communiqués so…let it be.

Pankow - Deny Everything clip is Banned in Italy!

The new video clip from Pankow directed by Richard Wolstencroft is now banned from MTV Europe. That comes in the footsteps of of RW’s Snog’s Crash Crash clip being banned (and then unbanned) and Snog’s King Of Hate being banned. That makes three clips banned somewhere in the world. Now can those glorified advertising directors Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze claim that? All style and gimmicks… no substance. Alternative music and rock n roll should be dangerous and so should the video clips that accompanying them. We piss on all those safe lame ass video clips that are nothing more than clever TV ads with no meaning or guts whatsoever. MUFF thinks the new Pankow album “Great Minds Against Themselves Conspire” by the way is a freakin’ masterpiece that you should all get a hold off at Amazon or elsewhere!

You can see the banned clip here at You Tube:

Viva Pankow! Fuck Censorship!

A Review of some recent Aussie films
By Richard Wolstencroft

First the good news, read on...

Solo is Cool. Out now on DVD!

We have to amend our ten best Aussie films of last year with Morgan O’ Neill’s Solo. A great film starring Colin Friels, as a jazz loving hitman, who wants to quit the life. With great supporting roles from Vince Colosimo as a corrupt cop, Bruce Spence as a shifty gun dealer and Chris Haywood once again as a top bad guy. The film was part of the Project Greenlight gestalt and is clearly one of the best Aussie films of last year. While not perfect (it needed more revenge dished out by Friels before he left town), the film had constantly interesting subplots, a laid back jazzy style and an authentic Sydney gangster feel. Why was this film ignored while mediocre and misguided Genre excursions like Noise praised to high heaven? We will never know. We are pissed we missed this at the cinema as it played for so short a time. Genre is not a dirty word. Repeat over and over.

Noise’s off

Noise... I was looking forward to but found it mediocre at best. Somersault keeps looking better and better after some of these recent Aussie releases. What on paper should be good; a cop (played by the likable Brendan Cowell) has tinnitus (ringing in the ear) that echoes a kind of industrial Noise of a suburban wasteland and there is a serial killer on the loose in Melbourne who shoots up trains. But the film is unfortunately pretty dull… as Cowell sits in a caravan for half the movie waiting for the killer to walk in… which he does (twice, the second time ending in a shoot out, the best sequence of the film). Add some silly subplots with a mentally challenged fellow and the plodding tale of the victim who survived the rampage (who is maybe being stalked) and there you have it. The Director Mathew Saville says the killer’s motives are irrelevant but includes dialogue from our killer complaining about all the ‘foreigners’ in the neighbourhood during his first conversation in the caravan. This is the same killer mind you who just happens to let a girl with dark skin survive after killing ten or so white people on a train including a dude in a wheelchair. Make no sense? Well who cares, right? It’s only the main protagonist. The director acted like he simply didn’t care or even attempt to understand killers of the ilk of Martin Bryant in a Q&A. I would find that essential wouldn’t you if making a film about such a topic? I mean pick up a book or two, make some detailed notes, hello? Or else the film will be shallow and all style and no substance, which Noise inevitably is. Sure its well shot, some clever editing…but how about some substance? The whole tinnitus thing could have been done better also sending Cowell’s character off the deep end. By the way the guy who played the killer was good (can’t find his name on the net) and the cameos by Damien Richardson and Richard Cawthorne liven things up a bit too!

Romulus My Father. The feel bad film of the Winter. What can I say after sitting through this morbid and depressing story of three suicidal Euro immigrants and their effect on a poor young kid they spawned. I mean the story might be true, it might have been a good book, you might want to feel sorry for the author even, but interesting cinema it ain’t. I would prefer to stay home and stare at the walls than see these sad sacks go through the depressing tales of their hardship. I mean this is not the Aussie Euro immigrant I know? They don’t fucking off themselves when the going gets though? And if they do who wants to pay $15 to watch it? The Euro Aussies I have known generally fight and struggle to make themselves vital parts of the Australian body politic. If I were of Yugoslav or Romanian descent I would find this film tedious and insulting. Even more depressing than last years Candy. Bana is good of course as he is in everything except that twit Ang Lee’s stupid Hulk movie (which is not Bana’s fault). Roxburgh does a competent job directing (I like him as an actor especially in that Percy Granger movie) but the material is just so dull/bleak there is not much one can do. But hey, I’m happy to be wrong about this film? But I don’t know if I am.

An Additional problem is that critics gave these films generally four stars or above and people rush to see them (well they don’t actually) and realise yet again they have been had. Honesty, consistency and integrity in movie reviewing is essential and lacking. Hats off to Jake Wilson for giving Romulus 2.5 stars in The Age...and pointing out the film simply doesn’t work.

Meanwhile our mouths salivate in delight at two genre excursions appearing on the horizon as we wait for Greg McLean’s Rogue and Jon Hewitt’s teen flick Acolytes starring Joel Edgerton as a serial killer in 08.

What Industry Crisis, Right?

In the SMH late last year Miranda Devine had this to say:

Apart from getting it wrong about Wolf Creek, which is exactly the kind of film we should be making, it seems to echo something we have been saying at MUFF? George Miller is a MUFF man well before MUFF existed. Stick it to ‘em George. But make us a new ultra mean Mad Max in between racking in the bucks and statues with Penguin kiddy flicks (which you have to admire purely from a $ and Oscar perspective we admit).


Over population: Main Environmental Problem

By Richard Wolstencroft

Call it the revenge of Thomas Malthus whose late eighteenth century “Essay on the Principle Of Population” predicted human beings would by nature deplete their resources, over breed and ruin their environment relentlessly unless controlled by some political force. But recent Green spokes people in the UK (and globally) are talking about the main source of pollution/global warming/doom. It’s human beings…not cars, not power plants… its people, consumers, the centre cog in the capitalist machine. The prole mass consumers, who breed relentlessly, die and leave nothing but pollution, garbage and more damn consumers. Sian Watkins wrote this in the Age (bravely):

Of course you talk population control and you are accused of old school fascism. Is it fascist to want to leave this planet for all beings, not just human beings? Is it fascist to insist on population controls and other methods in the burgeoning over polluting third and first worlds? Carl Sagan said if we destroy this planet and its environment we are the most stupid animal on this planet. We are fast heading for this dubious title! The Hour of Decision is soon upon us; whether the human race has a future or none at all. I for one choose a future and as soon as (…if) our generation wakes the fuck up by rejecting this Enlightenment Humanistic bullshit, we can get to work to produce a utopia that is sustainable and that can last thousands of years. The Hour is drawing close, is this the Kali Yuga or is a New Golden Age open us? Capitalism is clearly not the answer but the problem, it will destroy the environment and make a buck doing it… as the planet goes down the gurgler. A buck no one will spend.

What is needed (as I have said elsewhere) is a new form of non racist International Socialist-Anarcho Fascism.

Long live such attempts to save Glaciers, protect nature and stop rising tides that threaten to destroy the wonder and variety of Being itself. I mean no snows of Kilimanjaro? Enough is a enough! You ain’t going to stop capitalism demonstrating in the fucking street either. Like Jarvis Cocker said in a recent song “Cunts are still running the World”…I quote, “Use your right to protest on the street, Sure, use your right, But don’t imagine that its heard…Not while, Cunts are still running the World”. Get militant, better yet…get military, make change happen… make sure Cunts are NOT running the world. If you think a bit of paint on a protest sign will halt the vast all encompassing Moloch of Capitalist mobilisation you are sorely fucking mistaken. The status quo won’t change, unless we act and make change happen politically. If you think Rudd is different to Howard you are even sillier. It’s the same Capitalist party divided in two. Democracy is fake and should be done away with forthwith in favour of something revolutionary and direct. If you do nothing but hold a sign up at John Howard’s next appearance you are a bigger fuckwit than he is. It’s all about Power. It is the only real currency. Anarcho Syndicalism and its adherants like Sorel knew it and we know it now. Revolution can only happen if motivated by an elite who will make it happen. Read Pareto and Mosca on the theory of elites. Read Michels on sociology. Capitalism has entered its most destructive stage and only a liberated and disciplined new politically motivated movement beyond the left and right can stop it. Power is waiting in the streets to be taken up by democratic, revolutionary and other means… all across the globe, both regional and international. They won’t see us coming… like Manson said… we are the offspring of capitalism, ‘from their very homes’… its end result. From whatever class, from whatever country, creed or race it does nor matter. All that is all transcended now. Rise! Unite as one and say No! The most resounding and epochal “No” the human race has yet sounded. All it requires is the Will to do so. Others are feeling this Will worldwide and are tired of the traditional solutions offered by just the Left. The leadership, dynamism and romanticism of the Right are needed in this Hour of Crisis as well! With the ideas and espirit de corp of the Left, leadership, vitality and dynamism of the Right (mixed with an eye toward the necessity of new institutions being informed by the Anarchist world view) we can make this Will enter Being with all its majesty, beauty and awe. I await this day…I am the dreamer of this day.

That’s all Volk’s.