MUFF 777


Recent local and international features as only MUFF can pick my sweeties, check out this first rate selection of the latest cinematic fare. Programmed by Eugene Grobbelaar and Richard Wolstencroft with Michael Smith.

Dir: Tom McEvoy | 2006 | Australia | 80 mins
“Men are like high heels, easy to walk on once you get the hang of it” so says a character in Tom McEvoy’s new film and follow up to MUFF 6 hit “Welcome to Greensborough”. Plot: Have you ever been cheated on and ended up thinking that somehow, you’re the bad guy? When Claire doubts the strength of the relationship with her boyfriend she entails the services of her friend Jade to test his faithfulness. A modern day Dangerous Liaisons shot and completely improvised over a 2 day period with 1 day of pre-production. Full of risky ideas, the film is testament to what can be achieved with a low budget and focused collaboration. McEvoy thinks the film will divide the sexes in the guessing game of who really is to blame? A great late addition to MUFF 7. Q & A with enfant terrible Tom McEvoy.
Friday 7 July 7pm | The Spanish Club.

Dir. Bill Mousoulis | 2006 | Australia | 93 mins | Drama
Blue Notes is composed of five tales about people who are “blue”: a married man struggles with depression; his son spends his days drifting; a young woman reacts to being abused by her partner; a heroin addict attempts to start a career in music; and a lonely man, bereft of family, looks for a way to connect with others. Blue Notes is a highly realistic work, not afraid to show the everyday, and the problems ordinary people face, but it is also a supremely formalistic work, in both its moment-to-moment play (eschewing conventional dramatics) and in its overall structure (using a 3-part structure to play out its 5 stories). And, despite its down-beat subject matter, the film portrays its people with dignity, even as some of them succumb to their situations, and as others rise up and save themselves. One of Richard’s favs in MUFF Neu. Q & A with filmmaker.
Saturday 8 July 7pm | The Spanish Club


Dir. Rohan Spong | 2005 | Australia | 60 mins | Noir
When Private Detective Virginia Martin is suspected of murdering a local girl, she has two days to clear her name. Under the watchful eye of a police rookie – the alluring Betsy Sloane – the investigation that ensues draws our heroine into the familiar noir landscape of New York in the 1940s. In solving the case, the pair meets a number of quirky characters including a drunken sailor with a violent streak, a Police Commissioner with a secret vendetta and an ill tempered showgirl called Jinx. Written, scripted, shot, directed and even scored in the manner of a Hollywood film noir, When Darkness Falls evokes the highly stylized 1940s genre with a bent twist. Well known actors Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Neighbours, Grease the Musical, The Rogue Traders) and Katy Manning (Doctor Who, Ruby Wax Meets, UKTV) co-star. Screens with CAFFEINE.
Saturday 8 July 9pm | Glitch

Dir. Paul Dowie | 1999 | Australia | 55 mins
Gregory Pakis, mastermind behind MUFF hit “The Garth Method”, co-scripted this tale of a coffee addict named Mitchell who, having been awake for three days, embarks on a late night caffeine-hunt and reluctantly takes over security duties at a 24-hour supermarket. Screens with WHEN DARKNESS FALLS. Q & A with filmmakers.
Saturday 8 July 9pm | Glitch


Dir. Margie Schnibbe | 2005 | USA | 53 mins | Documentary
Just when you thought it was safe to drive through the San Fernando Valley, here’s the movie that pulls back the sheets on the explosive realm of adult entertainment. Pornstar Pets is a ribtickling romp with the dogs, cats and unusual animals that belong to some of the world’s most popular adult film stars. Marvel as Ron Jeremy feeds his pet Turtle called Cherry. Swoon as Taylor Wane fires-up some spicy-shrimp for Buddy, the tempestuous Terrier. Flail as Teri Weigel soaps her snakes, bathes her birds and wrangles with an outrageous army of well-groomed Shelties ... Also featuring Airforce Amy, Brittany Andrews, Violet Blue, Kim Chambers, Jessica Drake, Caressa Kisses, Latia Lopez, Rebecca Lord, Nick Manning, Mr. Marcus, Sharon Mitchell, Melissa Monet, Kitten Natividad, Dave Pounder, Lena Ramon, Anastasia Sands, Shay Sights, Jeremy Steele, Evan Stone, Scott Styles and of course the legendary William Margold! Screens with DAMON AND HUNTER.
Tuesday 11 July 9pm | Glitch

Dir. Tony Comstock | 2006 | USA | 46 mins | Documentary
“Damon and Hunter” is a frank, humane and erotic exploration of the sexual and emotional relationship between longtime lovers Damon Demarco and Hunter James. The film offers a candid look at the central role that sex plays in the relationship between these two men. Forget Brokeback Mountain, if you want gay sex, check this out. Screens with PORNSTAR PETS. Q & A with filmmakers.
Tuesday 11 July 9pm | Glitch

Dir. Michael Andre | 2005 | Australia | 80 mins | Thriller
Made by two self-proclaimed “mad Russians”, this violent yet sensual road movie follows the interstate travels of a beautiful blonde digital artist named X. On the open road, a lone male driver named Y begins to chase her. He taunts her, becoming crazed and obsessed, enslaved by his neurotic sexual dependency. The surreal climax confirms that ‘Nature is a bitch’. Eugene's pick of the MUFF Neu section.
Friday 7 July 9pm | Glitch

Dir. Christopher Folino | 2005 | USA | 87 mins | Comedy
“Gamers” is a comedy about the lives of four hapless friends (and one obsessive interloper) and how they evolve over a 23-year span. It centers on a single day when they are about to break a world record for hours spent role-playing a game called DND, or Demons, Nymphs, and Dragons. The sacrifice, the obsession, the blind dedication... This is their true story. First Time filmmaker, Chris Folino tells the story of “Gamers” in a mockumentary style featuring the wickedly dry narration by Michael Bell (Unsolved Mysterious) and with guest appearances by William Katt (American Greatest Hero & House), Kelly Le Brock (Weird Science), Beverley D’Angelo (National Lampoons Vacation) and WIlliam Heard (Home Alone). "This film is wicked and clever with some big laughs which will leave you with a big smile on your face." - Mike Smith. Q & A with director Christopher Folino, our 2nd international guest for MUFF 7, be sure to come along and support this great indy movie.
Sunday 16 July 7pm | The Spanish Club

Dir. Luke and Alix Jackson | 2006 | Australia | 92 mins | Horror
”Friday the 13th” meets “Night of the living dead” in this Aussie horror film made on a $5000 budget. A mismatched group must lock themselves inside and fight off the murderous hordes attacking the building in this homage to slasher flicks and epidemic classics! Needless to say, a chilling and terrifying time is guaranteed for all!
Sunday 16 July 5pm | The Spanish Club

Dir. Chris Metzler & Jeff Springer | 2005 | USA | 71 mins | Documentary
Once “California’s Riviera”, the Salton Sea is now America’s worst ecological disaster. Yet a few hardy eccentrics hang on to hope, including a roadside nudist and a man building a religious mountain out of mud and paint. Hair-raising and hilarious, this is the American Dream stinky as a dead carp. Narrated by none other than B Movie legend John Waters, this film is simply one of the best recent documentaries we have seen here at M.U.F.F., and we were not surprised at the fact that it has won no less than 18 “best documentary” awards!
Friday 14 July 9pm | Glitch

Dir. Sean Murphy | 2005 | Australia | 70 mins | Experimental
This film has been described as being “about the allegory between sex and suicide, a journey through the first person and through self-inflicted heaven and hell that are states of mind. In the midst of this nightmare, almost all rational thought seems to break down.” We at M.U.F.F. call it a 70 minute roller coaster ride on the waves of misanthropy and graphic violence that is definitely not for the faint hearted! Screens with IN THE EYE – a short film also by up-andcoming director Sean Murphy.
Tuesday 11 July 7pm | Pop Shop Gallery

Dir. Zeb Haradon | 2005 | USA | 77 mins | Documentary
Shot in the months between September 11th, 2001 and the start of the war against Iraq, “Waiting for Nesara” documents the true story of The Open Mind Forum, a messianic group of Salt Lake City ex- Mormons, and the radical faith that binds them together in the wake of September 11th. The group anxiously awaits the implementation of NESARA - a secret law that they believe was blocked from implementation by the Bush administration. Although there’s no mention of the law in any official government source, the group believes it will abolish the IRS, remove George Bush from office, expose him as a reptilian alien, and install a UFO-flying Jesus Christ as America’s new leader. The group believes that the September 11th attacks were carried out under Bush’s orders, and were his first attempt to delay NESARA’s implementation. In other words the films talks perfect sense right?
Tuesday 11 July 9pm | Pop Shop Gallery

Dir. Iqbal Barkat | 2003 | Australia | 93 mins | Drama
Talented Australian screenwriter, producer and actor David Phillips stars in this story of a man – a curious individual and has-been boxer named Arnie - and his troubled relationships with family, friends and lovers. When Arnie steps out of the ring and into the real world, sexual desire and family deception combine to push him towards breaking point. Can he fight back? Do those close to Arnie want to nourish him or suck his bones dry? Find out in this current, slice-of-life exposition on the impossibility of living life on one’s own terms. We at M.U.F.F. say: Don’t miss “Dusk”! Q & A with Writer/Producer/Actor david Phillips from Sydney.
Tuesday 11 July 7pm | Glitch

Dir. Stefan Popescu | 2006 | Australia | 90 mins | Experimental
A fucked up girl in a fucked up family in a fucked up town - How do you cope with the perversity of the everyday? Demanding and visually arresting, Stefan Popescu uses his unique experimental style to create a visceral and monstrous world! “Rosebery 7470” is disturbing and reminds of a cross between David Lynch and Stan Brakhage. Experimental in parts but made with considerable flair and tenacity this is one of MUFF Neu’s must sees. One of Richard’s favs in MUFF neu.
Saturday 15 July 5pm | Glitch

Dir. Tom Putnam | 2006 | USA | 92 mins | Documentary
Bill and Andy are the two toughest 85-year-olds you’ve ever met. Together, they fought 3000 Japanese in a secret Alaskan invasion during WWII. Now, these forgotten heroes embark on an intense journey back to the island of Attu, where they relive the brutal 19-day battle that America was never told about. As Bill and Andy retrace their steps over this untouched battlefield, the line between past and present begins to blur and long-forgotten memories resurface with moving force. A fascinating doco on a piece of history many (includeing us) didn’t know about. Those dirty Japs!
Friday 7 July 7pm | Glitch

Dir. Stuart Simpson | 2006 | Australia | 82 mins | Horror
Joe Melton, moves to the country to escape and write. But that’s not going to happen. Dark forces live here and they want out. Now. Ed Winters, a psychotic advertising executive investigating the murder of his family. While Joe battles the demons that have taken over the town, the devil must convince Ed to be its host; who else but the greatest liar of all time.
Thursday 13 July 11pm | The Spanish Club