MUFF 777

The MUFF Academy
Got the film school blues?

Tired of that run-of-the-mill film theory course? Sick to death of filling out forms to get your short films funded? We are here to tell you that all of that is simply not necessary. Yes. STOP all that crap forthwith and come to the MUFF Academy where we will teach you nothing about filmmaking, because if you haven’t realised by now, filmmaking cannot be taught as such. They don’t tell you that at VCA, do they? In fact, people who have no idea about film or its production at say, VCA, attempt to prescribe a national cinema agenda with disastrous results. The fruits of such prescriptive filmmaking courses, that turn out filmmakers who are worse than when they went into the course, is all the fucked up movies we see ad infinitum that come from this so called Aussie film industry. What we will do at the MUFF Academy is inspire you and enable you to listen to practical advice from happening, cutting edge filmmakers about the nuts and bolts of low budget productions. From there, the ball is in or on your court and don’t let anyone kid you otherwise. Again, folks’ filmmaking as such cannot be taught! You will teach yourself through the experience of making shorts and features and grow naturally like any artist. We will also not prescribe any form or content for your film. That, again, is your department. Just ‘be’ fresh, creative, iconoclastic and daring!

We will show at the MA that you don’t need a 20K grant to make a short. All you need if $500 to $1000 and an iMovie editing program. At the MUFF Academy we teach the Nikeism of guerrilla filmmaking. Yes, just do it. No excuses, no BS...just practical advice and inspiration from filmmakers who have done it before and can inspire you to do it yourself; first time, or do it again better a second time. If you are a low budget guerrilla or indy filmmaker or student don’t miss this intensive two-day forum that only costs $40 - the cost of a fucking DVD! So get into the MUFF Academy and soon you’ll be the one whose DVD costs 40 bucks. We have eight sessions on Saturday July 8 and Sunday July 9 at the Spanish Club where we can have a bevy or two while we work.

– Richard Wolstencroft, Headmaster of the MUFF Academy

Saturday July 8 | The Spanish Club

SESSION 1 – 11am
Jason Turley

The director of our closing night feature film, “Welcome Stranger”, will show some of his shorts (Scab a smoke, Wooden Heart) and talk about the all-important leap from making short films to making features. Jason has much hands-on knowledge from working before and behind the scenes on low budget films. Jason will happily guide us though an important first session of the MUFF Academy. lunch Break at 12.30

SESSION 2 – 1pm
Frank Howson

The MUFF Academy presents a dissection of “The Final Stage” from Frank Howson who was either director/producer/screenwriter on over a dozen Australian feature films in the past 20 years.

The Final Stage
1991 | 70 mins
“The Final Stage“ was Boulevard Films’ seventh film and the third directed by Frank Howson. It is based on an early play he wrote and is arguably his, and Boulevard’s, best film. Frank directed said film under exhausting and frustrating conditions - one set, six actors, two weeks shoot! The film stars Adrian Wright, Abigail, Tommy Dysart, Michael Lake, Zachary McKay and Tiriel Mora. Frank will introduce the film and give a detailed talk on its production following the screening. A great opportunity to learn from an established filmmaker who also happens to be a top bloke!

SESSION 3 – 3pm
Jon Hewitt

An analysis of making “darklovestory” - our opening night film. Jon will draw on his experiences making “Redball” and even putting up with Richard Wolstencroft making “Bloodlust”, as he talks us through his latest mini feature. Jon has many strong opinions about the film industry and about making films and won’t at all mind telling you about them. A real MUFF Academy highlight!

SESSION 4 – 5pm
International Guest
Lloyd Kaufman

The great Troma man himself - arguably one of the most successful and best known independent filmmakers in the world - will dazzle us with tales of making independent cinema from NYC for over 30 years. He will use some AV materials from his new films and maybe even from his DVD and book “Make your own damn movie!” to help nail his wisdom home. He has a book and dvd on filmmaking you can buy at the MUFF Academy that we highly recommend. New to filmmaking, or an old hand, this master class with Lloyd you cannot miss! Be early, expected to sell out!


Sunday July 9 | The Spanish Club

SESSION 5 – 11am
Bill Mousoulis

Bill has made about 30 shorts and eight features in the past twenty years and is a stalwart of the avant garde Melbourne film scene. Dating back to his days as part of the Super 8 film group, Bill has tirelessly been an advocate of real filmmaking in this country. Come and hear Bill speak of his experiences and maybe see a few rare shorts and discuss his advanced ideas about the filmmaking art. A session that all film intellectuals should be a part of. lunch break 12.30

SESSION 6 – 1pm
David Thrussell

Film Soundtracks: Some sound advice The man behind Snog, Black Lung and Soma will talk about his experiences composing movies like “The Hard Word”, “Thunderstruck” and “Angst”. David is a real doyen of sound composing and is also a filmmaker and writer himself, not to mention a witty provocateur. Be sure to be part of Thrusta’s film scoring 101 at the MUFF Academy.

SESSION 7 – 3pm
Shannon Young & Paul Moder

The director and producer of MUFF hit “Razoreaters” will talk through their experiences and tell you great things about doing low budget stunts and explosions, and getting your films into OS festivals. Paul Moder also co-directed “Bullet in the Arse” and starred in “Sensitive New Age Killer” and “Bloodlust”. Shannon Young co-directed “Stygian” (winner: best guerilla film, MUFF 1) with James Wan of “Saw” fame! A great double master class from two happening auteurs. They will screen their hour long informative “Making of Razoreaters”- which is a great ‘making of’ doco!

SESSION 8 – 5pm
Scott Ryan

One of the greatest MUFF discoveries was our 2003 Best film “The Magician”. More importantly, after MUFF, Scott took his film to the big screens in Australia with completion funding from the FFC and also stunning reviews recently OS in the UK during its theatrical release there. Scott’s film is a textbook example of brilliant low budget filmmaking. Scott has been a scholar and gent to come back to MUFF and tell us about his experiences. This is a major highlight no to be missed and concludes our program for the MUFF academy in 2006.