MUFF 777

Mind Machine:
The Cinema of Perception
From Doyens of Dome-Culture to
Deviants of Pop-Culture
Curated by Rebecca Sutherland

Dir: Mark Whitney | 1985 | USA | 107 mins | Colour | DVD
The extraordinary journey of C.G Jung into the soul of a man. A compelling and inspiring film portrait of Carl Gustav Jung, a man whose extraordinary genius and humanity reached far beyond the sometimes exclusive realm of psychiatry into redefining the essential nature of who we are and what we hope to become. Featuring rare home movies, valuable archival footage and a wealth of interviews.
Friday 14 July 7pm | Glitch

Dir: Gerard Mordillat | 1993 | France | 90 mins | B&W | French with English Subtitles | DVD
From the perspective of poet Jacques Prevel we discover the heady existence of genius artist Antonin Artaud, and the quest for poetry, drugs and the absolute. A companion and friend of the artist from the days of his release from internment in an asylum, Prevel shares his experience in the presence of a master renaissance man - poet, actor, director, playwright, philosopher, visionary, and madman.
Saturday 15 July 7pm | Glitch

Dir: Rachael Hough | 2006 | Australia | 70 mins
The Meanies is a wild new doco about the band that formed in 1989 and were an integral part of the Melbourne and Australian music scene throughout the 90’s. The Meanies have established themselves as one of Australia’s most enduring underground rock bands, cultivating a huge all-ages following. Packed with rare live footage and extensive interviews THE MEANIES is an insightful story for both hardcore Meanies fans and those with any interest in the Australian independent music scene.
Thursday 13 July 9pm | The Spanish Club

Dir: Gerald Fox | 1999 | USA | 80 mins | Colour | VHS
When American Psycho was released early in 2000 it reaffirmed author Bret Easton Ellis as the controversial “bad boy” of contemporary American fiction. This Is Not An Exit reveals the world inhabited by Ellis and his fictional characters, and explores the main themes of Ellis’s books - the MTV generation, pop culture of the 80s and 90s, the drugs and night life scene, and the obsession of current culture with glamour, fashion and wealth.
Sunday 9 July 9pm | The Spanish Club

Dir: Kevin MacDonald | 1998 | UK | 75 mins | DVD
Kevin MacDonald and Chris Rodley produced and directed this British documentary about film director Donald Cammell, best known for his collaboration with Nicolas Roeg on Performance (1970). The lead actors in Performance, Mick Jagger and James Fox, are interviewed along with Roeg, Barbara Steele, Cathy Moriarty, and avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger, who cast Cammell in his 1973 Lucifer Rising. MacDonald and Rodley trace Cammell’s career from his days as a Paris portrait artist to such films as Demon Seed, White of the Eye, and The Wild Side with Anne Heche and Christopher Walken, probing the dark side of Cammell’s dissociative personality” that triggered his 1996 suicide. Cammell is seen in several interview clips.
Sunday 9 July 9pm | The Spanish Club

WONDER SHOWZEN: SEASON 1 (selected episodes)
2005 | USA | approx 60 mins | DVD
“Like Sesame Street on Crack!” Some of you may have gazed upon the bootlegged pilot episode of TV’s newest and sickest sensation, then called Kidshow. See puppets gettin’ freaky and all up in yo’ face, see the innocent traverse the fine lines of moral questionability, and not to forget the best segment of all - Beat Kids...sing along with me: “Kids on the Beat, Kids on the Street, Beat Kids, Beat Kids!” Not for Children. Definitely, not for children.
Thursday 13 July 9pm | Glitch

ROBOT CHICKEN: SEASON 1 (selected episodes)
2005 | USA | approx 60 mins | DVD
A frenetic lambasting of pop-culture movies and tv, as animated by toy action figures. The premiere season of Robot Chicken, from the creatively twisted souls of Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, featuring toy murderin’, attention span shatterin’ episodes straight from the hellish maw of Adult Swim’s late night line-up. Enjoy bitesized nuggets of sketch comedy performed by yesteryear’s favourite playthings, animated in state-of-the-art stop motion. “It’s like a poultry polka party in your pants!”.
Thursday 13 July 9pm | Glitch