MUFF 777

Great Directors
Little Seen Films

Following on from the success of our Famous directors, early fi lms focus of MUFF 6, we bring you Famous Directors, Little Seen Films. Yes, some big names with some fi lms you probably have not seen but should. It’s amazing to think some of these feature fi lms and shorts are quite unknown to many, so be sure to make a bee-line to this great retrospective at MUFF777. Check these titles out, knaben und madchen!

Dir: David Lynch | 2002-2005 | 40 mins
A classic selection of animated shorts from the genius David Lynch. He was learning flash animation and made these films as he went. Familiar Lynch themes appear like domestic abuse, cowboys, white picket fences with the additional new Lynchian motif... flatulence. Yes, to be seen to be believed.
Friday 7 July 9pm | The Spanish Club

Dir: Lars Von Trier | 1980 & 1982
Two early Von Trier shorts the latter of which features a German WW2 soldier who ascends to heaven after being wrongly accused and executed for a crime he didn’t commit. In Von Trier’s world God is obviously a Nazi and when you think about God is really into power, ordering people around(especially in the old testament bible) and omnipresence and stuff...hmmm maybe Von Trier is right?
Friday 7 July 9pm | The Spanish Club

Dir: Peter Watkins | Sweden | 91 mins
A brilliant little seen film from the most underrated true genius director of late 20th Century cinema, Peter Watkins. This is a war games movie set around an old Steel Mill in Sweden where future armies battle it out for live cameras in the Peace games. Only trouble is, the Peace games are very violent and people get killed for real. Sound familiar? They call that Iraq on our TV these days don’t they?
Thursday 13 July 7pm | Glitch

Dir: Lindsay Anderson | England | 130 mins
The MUFF love affair with Lindsay Anderson continues as we play one of his most important works. Starring Richard Harris and the first great Dr Who William Hartnell, this film is a harrowing tale of a sports star, brilliant on the field but a complete knob off. He fucks his life up while climbing to the top of his game. This film is one of the most devastating films about a human relationship I have seen. Incredibly powerful. Anderson is a god. Roy and HG This Sporting Life... this film is Not. See this fucking classic if you have missed it...pronto, you won’t regret it.
Friday 14 July 9pm | Glitch

Dir: George Romero | 1970 | USA | 104 mins
A great rare early feature from zombie king George Romero. The film concerns the sexual fantasies and occult dabblings of a young Pittsburgh female and plays out as she gets deeper and deeper into these decadent worlds. Film features many fantastic dream sequences that are very surreal and trippy. Great filmmaking and disturbing set pieces gives this psychological thriller the edge. Reminiscent of Belle De Jour and Repulsion but in Romero’s distinctive 70’s style! Be sure to catch up with this rare one, also known as Jack's Wife and released briefly as Hungry Wives.
Monday 10 July 9pm | Glitch