MUFF 777

Beyond the Black Stump
Andrew Leovold - Trash Video

Owner-manager of Brisbane’s cult movie store Trash Video and subject of the SBS documentary Escape From The Planet Of The Tapes, underground film archivist, writer and researcher, filmmaker, cabaret performer, MC, masked wrestler and most recently movie trivia quizmaster. Our yearly page of Strangeness from Andrew Leovold this year contains three treats on offer from The Talented Mr. Stumpy... read on.


2 hours of Hindi splatter, Hindi sleaze, Hindi drug thrillers, and more tacky musical numbers than Kamahl’s had white robes, with Trash Video’s Andrew “El Stumpo” Leovold narrating the entire journey and trying to make sense of the inexplicable. There’s James Bond 777 (1971), from a whole series of Tegalu (or “Tollywood”) James Bond rip offs from the 60s and 70s starring local superstar (wait for it) Anal Krishna! The Saturday Night Fever rip off Disco Dancer (1982), possibly the most tragic musical in film history, and one of India’s all-time box office money spinners! Lady Tarzan (1990), an almost soft core-porn jungle comedy, was banned three times by the Indian censors for the infamous “thigh-sucking” scene - which we of course intend to show in full! International Guerillas (1990): Salman Rushdie actually begged the British censors to overturn a ban on this Pakistani film which features three Muslim superheroes in Batman costumes attempting to assassinate “Rushdie” on his island lair. “Rushdie”, who beheads Muslims with a sword, is finally destroyed by four flying Korans shooting laser beams. I swear to Allah its all true! Plus the gory excesses of the Ramsay Brothers’ Dak Bangla (1987),the Pakistani vampire film The Living Corpse (1968), the kitsch surf rock & roll musical numbers from Teesri Manzil (1966) and Gumnaam (1965, as featured in Ghost World!). Indian films are always three hours long, so we actually cram the most insane moments from NINE of the weirdest titles into a program shorter than a regular flick. Now that’s irritainment!
Saturday 8 July 11pm | Glitch


The most infamous punk rocker, scatologist and shit-smeared provocateur GG Allin’s home movies, career lowlights and footage from his last ever show between Brisbane’s finest toilet rockers The Vaginabillies and The Australian GG Allin Show (both featuring Andrew “El Stumpo” Leavold), Melbourne’s The Twits (with St Kilda’s answer to GG Allin, Fred Negro) and the spiky Motorhead-inspired Crack Whore. Where?
Friday 7th July Show kicks off at 9pm! | Pint On Punt


W/D: Andrew Leavold | 2006 | Brisbane, Australia | 30 mins | Mini DV
Two co-dependent blood addicts drag a doe-eyed innocent into the cracks between hell while the Older Gods peer out of the darkness. An exercise in detachment and artistic delirium, the director of Lesbo-A-Go-Go (MUFF 2003) has devised a sordid, netherworldly reimagining of the notorious Brisbane lesbian vampire murder from 1989. Filmed over a manic 49 hours at the original locations under a full moon, entirely improvised with a two-person crew, and conceived from an entirely amoral perspective: “Imagine for a moment there is no Good or Evil. There is only Creation and Destruction, the two mirrored faces of a knife’s blade - just as light must shine out of the darkness, just as beauty is ugliness waiting like a cloaked assassin in the shadows.”
Friday 7 July 7pm | The Spanish Club (Playing with CALL ME)