Section One: "New Australian and International Cinema"
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Competition - to be judged by the jury of
Michael Helms (Chair), Megan Spencer, John Saffran, Fiona Parker,
Mark Spratt, Paul Elliot and James Young.
Awards presented on the closing Night July 30 with “Surprise Film” and fashion show
from the “Melbourne Underground Fashion Festival” (more Muff’s!)
Opening Night
'Evicted' &
'Pearls Before Swine'
July 20

'Evicted' (USA)
Directed by Michael Tierney. Australian Premiere.

Two street wise LA drunks get evicted and decide to have one last apocalyptic party to fuck up the apartment for their Vietnam vet psycho land lord. Speed, Booze, Pussy and LSD end in a fantasy of power and burnout. Special appearance by Lawrence Tierney, Michael's Uncle (Reservoir Dogs) as Bob. Great debut feature that reveals an upcoming talent in Michael Tierney as actor and director.
Q&A with Michael Tierney, and Asst.Director Nick Black on opening night. Also screening Friday 21st at 11.00pm at Nova and Wednesday 26 at 9.00pm at Lumiere.

'The Masturbating Gunman' (AUS)
(aka 'Masked avenger versus Ultra-Villain in the Lair of the naked bikini')
Directed by Mark Savage.
Australian Premiere.

The second feature of auteur Mark Savage parodies Asian Action and porn movies with a tone of irreverence and originality rarely seen in film making anywhere in the world. Featuring a super hero who canfind girls by smelling their panties, a demented side kick who loves nature and is terrified of women superbly portrayed by Mark's brother Colin Savage and a German gang leader creating a megalomaniac castle of distorted family values. An instant classic called by US critic John Carlin 'My favourite film this year because it's unlike anything I've ever seen". Australian Premiere.
Q&A with the legendary Savage brothers and other cast and crew on Sat 22!!!

'Dawn of the DMF's (AUS)
Directed by Darrell Martin and Chris Summers.

Basically, the world is stuffed, especially Melbourne. A severely demented astronaut has just appeared on the streets, three months after his ship landed on the planet without him. Taken in by a wacky government agency he's diagnosed as suffering from deranged maniac frenzy. This 'disease' is highly contagious. Naturally, there are aliens behind a plot to commit the galactic takeover of the century, ie. invasion earth. Three men must go in search of the Harkavanian Berry tree the only substance on the planet able to resist D.M. Frenzy. Spectacularly, the heart-wrenching drama of it all ends in a welter of tears, gore, missiles, and finger dismemberment. Dawn Of The D.M.F's is happy schlock loaded with frequent shots of ball-tearing comedy delirium. It proudly wears the Troma aroma. It was shot for five years before spending another five in post. Viewers offended by cheesy jokes and not so special effects should attend anyway.

"Blood Rush" (AUS)
Directed by Mark Palmley.
Australian Premiere.

Two mixed sex gangs of drug sniffing, iron pumping, muscleheads go at each other in a strange and brutal game of full contact Orienteering that's broadcast live. Big bucks and lives are at stake. Time portals are crossed and a luminous version of Predator is on the prowl, suffice to say t-shirts are ripped and blood does flow. A sleazy outdoor action flick from Queensland.

'Pearls Before Swine' (AUS)
Directed by Richard Wolstencroft.
Australian Premiere.

The film that started it all. Proudly rejected from MIFF but accepted into the Stockholm International Film Festival and went down a storm in the "Forbidden Zone" of the 2000 Puchon Fantastic Film Festival in Korea, where director Richard Wolstencroft and star Boyd Rice held court for 45 minutes of Q&A after the screening. It's Wolstencroft's third feature, the first two being 'Bloodlust' (1991) and 'The intruder' (1993), and it also stars Nick Crawford Smith, Lisa Hutchinson and Greg Maxwell - it's the tale of a hit man who is given a contract on an author of subversive literature. It is a philosophical reflection on the nature of sex, violence, politics, sadomasochism and the future that some people find 'deeply offensive."
Q&A with director, cast & crew on opening night. Also screening Friday July 21, 7.00pm at Nova, and Saturday 29th, 7.00 at Kino.

'Stygian' (AUS)
Directed by Shannon Young
and James Wan.
Australian Premiere.

A cool little low budget horror/action film from up and coming directors Shannon Young and James Wan. A young man who looks like a teenage Billy Zane is being pursued by three trench coated killers, during a shoot out they are transferred to an 'alternative universe' with killer clowns, mad scientists, gory zombies and mayhem galore. A mini-classic local exploitation pic. Australian Premiere.
Q&A with cast and crew afterwards Sun 23.

'Sacred Flesh' (UK)
Directed by Nigel Wingrove.
Australian Premiere.

From the United Kingdom comes Nigel Wingove's (Redemption, Salvation Films) long awaited Nunsploitation picture featuring depraved Nuns, lesbian action and gore galore. We are Happy to present the Australian premiere of this exciting new picture. If you like your catechism filled with mayhem and depravity this film has the teleology you need.

"Lighthouse" (UK)
Presented by the Dead By Dawn Festival (UK).
Australian Premiere.
Directed by Simon Hunter.

A psychopathic killer manages to escape unnoticed from the prison Hyperion. Drawn by the beam of a lighthouse he makes landfall on the small island of Gehenna. One by one he murders the inhabitants and when new survivors arrive and discover the carnage they realize the killer is still on the loose. Great new UK horror gear. Thanks to Steve Proposch to get this title and the Dead by Dawn Festival UK.

'Narcosys' (AUS)
Directed by Mark Bakaitis.
World Premiere.

Recently finished sci-fi actioner that will blow you away, we are proud to present the first screening anywhere in the world of Mark Bakaitis's feature film debut. Featuring a futristic Melbourne, S&M, cyber-hitmen and gun play this film is a treat for the senses and one of the highlights of the festival. Cast & Crew Q&A after, then to Hellfire Friday 21.

'Cthulhu' (AUS)
Directed by Damien Heffernan.
Australian Premiere.

H.P.Lovecrafts classic tale turned into a modern Gothic set piece shot in Canberra! This unique and clever adaption of classic literature in the public domain gives credence to the low budget filmmaking talents of Damien Heffernan. Shot on video, the film retains an errie Gothic mood and cleverly uses modern sets and situations for the old story. Covered in 'Fatal Visions'... this one has to be seen to be believed. Q&A with the cast and crew afterwards Sun 23.

'Loan Shark' (USA)
Directed by Jay Robert Jennings.
Australian Premiere.

Gueriila style DV feature from LA based filmmaker Jennings. A fast paced drive through the greasy underworld of present day Los Angeles. The film follows Teedy Greene, a street level loan shark and his addiction to 'collecting money'.

'Computer Boy' (AUS)
Directed by Abe Forsythe.

Not quite feature length and hardly hack(er) work Computer Boy is a hyperactive piss-take on The Matrix. An opening title disclaimer advises that viewing The Matrix is neccassary before launching into Computer Boy. Scenes are reworked and filled in by Michael Falzon as Neo, as played by Keanu Reeves in Bill And Ted mode, and writer director of Computer Boy, Abe Forsythe, as Agent Smith, as played by Hugo Weaving, and a bunch of ducks. Hilarious!
Q&A with wunderkind Abe Forsythe after picture Tues 25.