Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (USA – 2016)


Director: Andrew Wakefield.

Run Time 91mins.

Banned from Robert De Niro’s 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, slandered by brigades of professional trolls, endlessly vilified by the mainstream media and deemed a ‘threat to the public health’ by the Australian government: ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe’ is not the ‘anti-vaccination film’ that you have been told. The film instead follows the story of Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the US CDC (the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens) who alleged that the CDC knowingly destroyed data in their 2004 study that showed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. See the film yourself. Resist the government, media and pharmaceutical industry propaganda blitz and make up your own mind.

The MOST controversial film playing at MUFF is Vaxxed. We have received two complaints already, via two FB profiles ( from people who have no FB pals, on FB, slightly odd) – that even playing this film is somehow reprehensible and could cause harm.

But no OTHER film festival In Australia has the guts to play this film – so we will. It’s an important topic – no matter what view you take. The film itself is very disturbing, troubling and presents a conspiracy of manipulated Data at CDC, a Big Pharma cover up and Mainstream Media and Establishment Complicity.

But the INCREASE in autism – it used to 1 in 10,000 in the 70’s – but now it is 1 in 250 is shocking and devastating. Why is this so? And in his age of fake news (Russian nonsense and Hillary lies pushed by Elite Media) and other large conspiracies afoot – I think it’s a film worth viewing for free speech and awareness.

It raises a potential DIRE Public Health issue, deserving of serious investigation by Four Corners and 60 Minutes – serious respected Media – not an Indy Doco at MUFF – and it raises discussion. The President himself, Donald Trump has expressed concerns over Vaccines and is concerned about them.

If you WATCH the film you see the view of those concerned about a Autism link – incorrect, exaggerated, fraudulent or not. Also, the film merely suggests as a SAFETY precaution NOT giving the 3 Vaccine heavy dose MMR vaccine all at the same time – and to children aged between one and two, whose immune system is delicate. If given separately, and at a slightly older age, for eg., the doco itself suggests most of the dangerous statistics and conjecture falls off.

Most of the Anti Vax Movement admits this. Is that a HUGE controversy being cautious? The DESIRE for MEDIA and CULTURAL silence on this issue I found disturbing and is a disaster apropos free debate. Hence my decision to play the film. I and MUFF have no view one way or the other. But let’s hear all points of view and perhaps make up your own mind in the ERA of fake news and mainstream Media openly lying all the time for the Mega Wealthy – Incl Big Capital and Pharma.

Perhaps if worried, one can be cautious and get the MMR Triple shot administered not a once, but in three separate sittings and over a few weeks. One is STILL being vaccinated. So, I can’t see any major objections to that. Obviously Vaccines – if safe – are a modern wonder to advocate, but caution to hear potential side effects concerns is also not unwise.

MUFF will support Free Speech and advocate anti censorship as we have always done in the past on contentious issues. So, we will here as well. We are told to expect harassment over playing this film. Again disturbing. The SECRET venue will be announced by our FB groups – so join them. The fact we even have to TAKE this precaution as we did with our LA Zombie by Bruce LaBruce anti censorship screening is unsettling, as the film is LEGAL to play publicly in Oz. Just no one will.

This film has been rate (PG) Mild themes and infrequent coarse language.

Think about that a second – in The Golden Age of Censorship. – Richard Wolstencroft