Throbbin’ 84  — World Premiere

Director: Timothy Spanos

Cast: Alan King, Terry Yeboah, Tim Burns, Oti Willoughby, Mercia Deane-Johns, Saskia Post, Roslyn Gentle, Matt Thomas, Leonie Lee, Jezreal Myers and Lemonade Lamar

THROBBIN’ 84 is the 8th feature from Boronia boy Timothy Spanos but just because this number is inscribed in the opening titles doesn’t mean there’s any pretension going down here, just some of the characters. So, like his previous film SIZZLER ’77 that premiered at MUFF 2015, you can rely on THROBBIN’ 84 to be an all-knowing and all-glowing action comedy of tension and violence that features a returning core of actors (the cops and his favourite, Tim Burns) with excellent eyewear firmly encased in a twisted tale of crime delivered with all the drama and aplomb we’ve come to know and expect. If you don’t recognise the preponderance of perms and Michael Jackson influenced fashion then the choice dialogue is sure to historically orientate you like the opening Elton John banter coming after an action sequence merges into a dance clip. Tim Burns is Billy Bitchmouth self-styled backstreet porn king chasing the pink dollar in the then exploding world of video production. “VHS is here to stay”, he gushes while overseeing a boy gang who act as his enforcers, video production staff and talent scouts as they they run around the lane ways of Melbourne thieving and knocking themselves and others out. That is until Billy encounters the oldest and most dangerous girl gang yet to be captured by any sort of camera. In the end THROBBIN’ 84 is a hi-energy no-budget spectacular of sleaze that’s bound to please.

Friday November 3rd @ Moondog Bar & Space – 8.30pm