Saturday October 28 @ Alex Theatre – 8pm

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A Brilliant Genocide – Australian Premiere

Director: Ebony Butler
Producer: Jason Byrne

In 2012 small time African leader Joseph Kony was deemed a terrorist by the US government and became the world’s most wanted man thanks to Youtube. Like pieces of shrapnel, shards of reportage on his activities barely pierced mainstream Western media other than providing images of child soldiers.

TV news services and especially daily newspapers were useless in following the story of Kony and in fact the entire dire political situation in Uganda has remained wholly under-reported since. In fact, perhaps due to vested interests Uganda’s Wikipedia page has barely been updated since then.

Enter Melbourne based filmmaker Ebony Butler and the creation over a period of years of the documentary A BRILLIANT GENOCIDE. Sharp visuals, editing and consistent tone provide a picture of clarity with serious global consequences that deftly demonstrates the reality of its own title.

A BRILLIANT GENOCIDE is AFRICA BLOOD AND GUTS on another level that should create sadness and anger amongst all viewers but motivate those who are not simply numbed by it all. Of greatest importance is its exposure of world leaders both symbolic (the Queen & the Pope) and those in charge of military budgets (U.S presidents Clinton, Bush & Obama) and their continual support of Uganda’s President Museveni who as of 2016 was elected for a fifth term and remains the go to guy in Africa for arms purchases and is still upheld as a universal role model for how to run a third world country that apparently only needs its health services upgraded.

Museveni’s own monster squad has allowed the emergence of another monster Kony and in between these opposing forces the general population continues to suffer. A BRILLIANT GENOCIDE is a taut and timely documentary that positively radiates with its own brilliance. A very serious opening night film.

 A Brilliant Genocide

Plus a short on opening night

John Carpenter’s Corpse, Damon Packard


DIR: Nick McNiece
Run Time: 8min
Smoke is a comedy about a 17 year old boy named Jake, and his quest to smoke a joint. However, his stoner Mum, Vanessa, is unknowingly a step ahead at all times.

With the arrival of his unemployed Aunty scheduled for the next day, the story takes place on Jake’s last night of freedom for a month. The looming threat of getting kicked out if caught means Jake has to figure out a way to get around his mother. But no matter what he tries and with rain pelting down, Jake eventually gives up. It isn’t until his Mum asks him to take the rubbish out that Jake has an epiphany; hot box the recycling bin.

A terrific local fare from an up and coming young film maker