MUFFplex 2017 at Earthcore.

A delectable selection of indy hits, cult genre gems and local Australian Underground Cinema treats selected by Australia’s wildest Indy Film festival The Melbourne Underground Film Festival and it’s director Richard Wolstencroft. Expect – Classic Horror and Sci fi, Shock to mind bending treats on the final night – PLUS freak out to wild local Aussie gems. The MUFFplex is the perfect chill out area at Earthcore 2017 – drop by or drop in and see a movie. It;s free, it’s open, it’s comfortable and it’s fun! MUFFplex 2017 is here!

Our program for 2017:

Thursday 23rd November – Night of Horror

9pm Night Of The Living Dead:

Screenplay by: John Russo and George Romero. Directed by: George A. Romero.
Starting: Duane Jones, Judith O’Dea. Marilyn Eastman, Karl Hardman, Judith Ridley, Keith Wayne

Brother and sister Barbra played by Judith O’Dea and Johnny Blair played by Russel Streiner take a drive to rural Pennsylvania for a yearly trip to their fathers grave. When suddenly Barbra is attacked by a strange man walking in the grave yard, this begins the tale of seeing the dead, the buried and the awoken.

11pm The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

Directed by: Joseph Green. Written by: Rex Carlton , Joseph Green.
Starting: Jason Evers, Virginia Leith, Eddie Carmel.

Dr. Bill Cortner played by Jason Evers saves a patient who had been pronounced dead, but the senior surgeon, Cortner’s father played by Bruce Brighton, condemns his son’s unorthodox methods and transplant theories.


1am A Bucket of Blood

Directed by: Roger Corman. Written by: Charles B. Griffith
Staring: Dick Miller, Barboura Morris, Antony Carbone, Julian Burton , Ed Nelson and John Brinkley

One night after hearing the words of Maxwell H. Brock (Julian Burton), a poet who performs at The Yellow Door cafe, the dimwitted, impressionable, busboy Walter Paisley played by Dick Miller returns home to attempt to create a sculpture of the face of the hostess Carla played by Barboura Morris.

3am White Zombie

Directed by: Victor Halperin. Screenplay by: Garnett Weston.
Staring: Bela Lugosi , Madge Bellamy, Joseph Cawthorn, John Harron and Robert Frazer.

Based on the book ‘The Magic Island’ by William Seabrook.
On arrival in Haiti, Madeleine Short reunites with her fiancé Neil Parker, with imminent plans to be married. On the way to their lodging, the couple’s coach passes Murder Legendre, an evil voodoo master, who observes them with interest and manages to grab Madeleine’s scarf.

Friday 24th November – Best of MUFF

9pm Bloodlust 

Directed by Richard Wolstencroft and Jon Hewitt.

The notorious Australian Cult Classic Bloodlust – this infamous genre gem focuses on a group of modern day vampires! Armed with an arsenal of weapons and a dangerous hunger they prowl a twilight world of bizarre nightclubs and seedy streets looking for kicks with an insatiable appetite for carnage. A blood drenched saga of epic proportions which features enough ammunition to blow the roof off, the film erupts into a macabre and hilarious black comedy which will leave you thirsty for more!

11pm – Mondo Yakuza

Directed by Addison Heath

A tongue-in-cheek ode to the films of Seijun Suzuki, Takeshi Miike and Danny Boyle, MONDO YAKUZA is balls-to-the-wall action acid trip into the dag hanging off Melbourne’s seedy underbelly. Featuring multiple disembowelling’s, a Columbian necktie and a sparkler shoved where no sparkler has gone before, this film is not to be missed!

1am She Borg Massacre

Directed by Daniel Armstrong

When an alien fugitive crash lands into a local puppy farm and begins turning people into mutated robot killing machines with a taste for puppy flesh, Dylan (Whitney Duff), and Eddie (Daisy Masterman), two self-proclaimed political activists, are all that stand between the Earth and total domination. Forced into a ‘dare to be great’ situation that neither are prepared for, the two BFF’s must fight their way past cops, city officials and cybernetic dog butchers in order to destroy the evil Sheborg and save the planet!

2.30 am Stressed to Kill

Directed by Mark Savage

Bill Oberst Jr. stars as Bill, an angry middle-aged man who suffers a near-fatal heart attack and is ordered to find a way to relieve stress. Bill’s answer? He stops getting peeved at rude people — like yahoos who look at their cellphones at the multiplex and discourteous drivers — and instead kills the biggest offenders with poison-tipped blow-darts. A great genre film shot in Florida by Aussie Mark Savage

4am Short Distance

Direrted by Nic Barker – Australia

Over the course of a weekend, three couples experience the complications of long distance relationships and modern love. A love letter to Melbourne, this beautifully made debut feature by award-winning MUFF alumni Nic Barker (Pint, Dead Sharks), deals with the themes of connection and loneliness. Already a success in the festival circuit aboard,

Saturday 25th November – Night of Sci-Fi

9 pm – The Night The World Exploded

Directed by Fred F. Sears, Written by: Jack Nattelford and Luci Ward.
Staring: Kathryn Grant, William Leslie and Tristam Coffin.

The scientific team of Dr. David Conway played by, William Leslie. Dr. Ellis Morton played by Tristram Coffin, and Laura Hutchinson played by Kathryn Grant has built a machine that can predict earthquakes. After predicting one will hit California within the next 24 hours to a uniformly skeptical Gov.

11am Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers

Directed by: Fred F. Sears. Written by Curt Siodmak, George Worthing Yates, Bernard Gordon and Raymond T. Marcus.
Staring: Hugh Marlowe and Jone Taylor

Based on: ‘Flying Saucers from Outer Space’ by Donald Keyhoe.
Scientist Dr. Russell Marvin played by Hugh Marlowe and his new bride Carol played by Joan Taylor are driving to work when a flying saucer appears overhead.

1am The Day the Earth Stood Still

Directed by: Robert Wise. Screenplay by: Edmund H. North
Starting: Michael Rennie , Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe and Sam Jaffe.

Based on: ‘Farewell to the Master’ by Harry Bates. 
When a flying saucer lands in Washington, D.C., the Army quickly surrounds it. A humanoid played by Michael Rennie, emerges, announcing that he has come in peace.


3am Robot Monster

Robot Monster (a.k.a. Monster from Mars) is a 1953 independently made American black-and-white 3D science fiction film, produced and directed by Phil Tucker, written by Wyott Ordung, that stars George Nader, Claudia Barrett, and George Barrows.

Sunday 26th November – Night of Mind Bending Cult Classics

9pm Carnival of Souls

Directed by: Herk Harvey, Written by: Herk Harvey and John Clifford, Produced by: Herk Harvey
Staring: Candace Hilligoss, Frances Feist, Sidney Berger and Art Ellison

Mary Henry played by Candace Hilligross is riding in a car with two other women when some men challenge them to a drag race. As they speed across a bridge, the girls car crashes . The police spend three hours dragging the murky, fast-running water without success. Mary miraculously surfaces, but she cannot remember how she survived.

11pm The Wicker Man

Directed by: Robin Hardy, Written by Anthony Shaffer.
Staring:  Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Britt Ekland, Ingrid Pitt and Diane Cilento.

Based on: ‘Ritual’ by David Pinner
Sergeant Howie played by Edward Woodward journeys to the remote Hebridean island Summerisle to investigate the disappearance of a young girl, Rowan Morrison played by Gerry Cowper, about whom he has received an anonymous letter. Howie, a devout Christian, is disturbed to find the islanders paying homage to the pagan Celtic gods of their ancestors.

1am The Last Man on Earth

Directed by: Ubaldo Ragona and Sidney Salkov, Written by: Richard Matheson.
Staring: Vincent Price, Franca Bettoia, Emma Danieli, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart.

In the year 1968, every day is the same for Dr. Robert Morgan played by Vincent Price: he wakes up, gathers his weapons, and then goes hunting for vampires.

3am The Driller Killer

Directed by: Abel Ferrara. Written by: Nicholas St. John.
Staring: Jimmy Laine, Carolyn Marz, Baybi Day, Harry Schultz and Alan Wynroth.

Artist Reno Miller played by, Abel Ferrara and his girlfriend Carol enter a Catholic church, where he approaches an elderly bearded man (revealed as Reno’s estranged derelict father) kneeling at the pulpit. The derelict seizes Reno’s hand, causing him and Carol to flee from the church, unknown to him that the derelict contained a paper with Reno’s information and requested a meeting with him. Reno denies knowing who the derelict was.

Summary and quick Guide at a Glance:

Night of Horror

9pm Night Of The Living Dead

11pm The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

1am A Bucket of Blood

3am White Zombie

Best of MUFF 

9pm –  Bloodlust

11pm – Mondo Yakuza

1am – She Borg Massacre

2.30am – Stressed to Kill

4am Boronia Boys

Night of Sci-Fi

9pm – The Night The World Exploded

11am Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers

1am The Day the Earth Stood Still

3am Robot Monster

Night of Mind Bending Cult Classics

9pm Carnival of Souls

11pm The Wicker Man

1am The Last Man on Earth

3am The Driller Killer

*Some films might be subject to change and will be replaced by a similar film and genre if such occurs.