Curated by Elva Clarke, David Joseph Clarke and Richard Wolstencroft

Can’t Win. Do Try

Director: JJ DeCeglie. Australia – Melbourne Premiere
Cast: Harry Quinlan, Matt Furlani, Christopher Millington, Fiannah de Rue.

In a bid to extend his adolescence, Gordon convinces his reluctant fiancée to allow his best-friend Jez and himself to live in the house they have just bought in a bachelor pad situation for the year before they get married.

Thursday Nov 2 @ 7pm – MoonDog Bar & Space

Can’t Win. Do Try, JJ DeCeglie

Short Distance

Director: Nic Barker – Australia – Australian Premiere!
Starring: Calista Fooks, Sam McDonald, Christopher Kay.

Over the course of a weekend, three couples experience the complications of long distance relationships and modern love. A love letter to Melbourne, this beautifully made debut feature by award-winning MUFF alumni Nic Barker (Pint, Dead Sharks), deals with the themes of connection and loneliness. Already a success in the festival circuit aboard, MUFF is broad to be host of Short Distance’s Australian premiere!

Friday November 3 @ 7pm – MoonDog Bar & Space

Short Distance, Nic Barker


Director: Dwayne Labbé – Australia – World Premiere
Starring: Jacinta Stapleton, Tai Scrivener, Mark Petlock

Every sexy woman needs a sexy car, and Bambi’s (Jacinta Stapleton) 1968 Dodge Pheonix fits the bill. When she discovers that her car can run off the blood of drunkards, she will stop at nothing to bring her car to life. Sex, violence, horsepower, and human sacrifice mix together to create an underground Ozploitation movie sensation. To quote director Dwayne Labbe: “There are plenty of great movies to watch that have poignant messages for the betterment of all mankind… but MUSCLECAR isn’t one of them.”


Thursday November 2 @ 9pm – MoonDog Bar & Space

Third Night

Director: Adam Gravely – Australia
Starring Jesse McGinn, Robert Hartburn

What would you do if your house had a secret – and that secret watched you?  3rd NIGHT is an unsettling kitchen sink horror set in the isolated surrounds of country West Australia. Adam Graveley’s first feature film examines a couples demise as their dream life crumbles around them and their darkest fears are realised with horrific consequences. Australian premiere!

Thursday November 2 @ 6pm – MoonDog Bar & Space

Urine Aid

Director: Steven Williams – Australia

Urine Aid is a rare look into the controversial world of Urine Therapy. The documentary explores the confronting subject of drinking one’s own urine for medicinal benefits, and the taboos around it.  Urine Aid exposes the growing popularity of Urine use in everyday society, and challenges the viewers to question their own belief system around the use of this alternative therapy.

Monday October 30 @ 9pm (Double with Crackbaby Billionaire) – Fad Gallery

Crackbaby Billionaire

Writer and Director – John Miller – USA
Starring Eight The Chosen One from AMERICAN GUINEA PIG as Corey “Beatdown” Brown.

MUFF presents the bastard son of Abel Ferrara, John Waters and Harmony Korine. CRACKBABY BILLIONAIRE is the new film from horror scene provocateur John Miller, who takes the splatter genre to new heights of lunacy and madness. White Trash Hip Hop Blood & Guts right from the Swamplands of America!


Monday October 30 @ 9pm (Double with Urine Aid) – Fad Gallery

On The Rocks

Writer and Director – Ariel Gardner & Alex Kavutskiy – USA

On the Rocks is the story of recovering alcoholic Dallas and his very-much-still-drinking wife Karen , a young working class married couple in a tumultuous relationship. Comedies of misery don’t get much more uncomfortably hilarious than On the Rocks, writers-directors Ariel Gardner and Alex Kavutskiy’s caustic ode to personal, professional, marital, sexual, familial, social and existential dysfunction.  Playing with Iron Spyder.


Thursady November 2 @ 10pm – MoonDog Bar & Space

Flotsam Jetsam

Writer/Director: Banjo Fitzsimon – Australia
Cast: Michael Gupta, Geraldine Hakewill, Richard Green, Dean-Daely Jones & Hunter McMahon

A young man learns to relinquish responsibility for the things which are beyond his control, and to concentrate on those things which are not. A new Aussie gem not be missed.


Wednesday November 1 @ 9pm – MoonDog (Double with Marital Problems)

Marital Problems

Director: Dia Taylor Australia

On the eve of his eviction, Ian’s home becomes invaded by Clarke, an unscrupulous gardener who recounts the events of his failed marriage in an attempt to bring closure to Ian’s prior engagement that failed to go the distance.

This film has been rate (MA 15+) Strong coarse language.

Wednesday November 1 @ 9pm – MoonDog Bar & Space (Double with Flotsam Jetsam)


Marital Problems

MUFF Halloween

Tuesday October 31 @ 9pm – MoonDog Bar & Space

The Super and IN Furs – The NEW U.S. Horror

In Furs

Director: Christopher Bouchie USA
Starring Vito Trigo (Pig Pen, Return To Nuke’em High), Matthew Desiderio, Rachel Rose Gilmour (Bongo: Killer Clown), Sarah Schoofs (Gut) and Nik Taneris (Blue Bloods)

IN FURS is a tale of loss and the lengths that some will go to gain control. Earl (Vito trigo) is an average guy, he lives within his means alongside his fiance Molly (Rachel Rose Gilmour). His picturesque life of normalcy is shattered when he awakens in an parallel universe.

Gone are the clean sheets and warm embrace of Molly, replaced with a mattress on the floor of a squalid New York apartment and the companionship of a drug addled stripper(Sarah Schoofs). Unnerved by his surroundings, Earl struggles to gain composure but is drawn to the vices of his alternate life, namely heroin.

Unfortunately for Earl, the bottom of the barrel grows deeper and deeper when he realises that the drugs he’s taken are ultrapotent and not exactly what he expected. Earl, in a psychedelic stupor sets out on a quest to climb back to reality by any means necessary.

But reality seems to grow further and further away as Earl bludgeons and thrashes his way through the streets of Queens. What he finds at the end of his journey isn’t what he had expected, and this drags him right back down to where he started.

The Super

Director: Evan Makrogiannis, Brian Weaver  USA

George Rossi is an unstable war veteran turned Queens apartment house superintendent. During the Christmas season, he desperately tries to hold onto his sanity in the face of mounting home and workplace pressure.

Also on his full plate of problems is a wheelchair-bound wife (Lynn Lowry of Shivers, I Drink Your Blood and The Crazies) who dreams of a better life. One of the building’s tenants, the vile Olga, quickly becomes his partner in depravity.

She takes George under her wicked wing and introduces him to the joys of killing for profit and pleasure. The unholy duo is faced with a problem and turns to Detective Sardusky (Ron Braunstein, American rapper known as NECRO), a crooked cop who, for a price, can make bodies disappear.

The action culminates in a series of shocking twists in this dark humored inner-city horror story.