The MUFF 18 Awards




Best Film

A Brilliant Genocide – Directed by Ebony Atlanta Butler


Best Actor (tie)

Tim Burns – Throbbin’ 84 & Matt Furlani – Cant Win Do Try


Best Actress (tie)

Jacinta Stapleton – Muscle Car & Mercia Deane Johns- Throbbin’ 84


Best Director (tie)

Jeremy DeCeglie – Cant Win. Do Try. & Nic Barker – Short Distance.


Best Supporting Actor

Alan King – Throbbin’ 84


Best Supporting Actress (tie)

Leonie Lee – Throbbin’ 84 & Lemonade Lamarr – Throbbin’ 84


Best Screenplay

Marital Problems – Jay Edward


Special Jury Prize

Urine Aid – Steven Williams


Best International Film

State of Modern Love – Director Lisa Enos


Best International Director

Lisa Enos – State of Modern Love.


Best Documentary (tie)

The Red Pill – Director Cassie Jay & Vaxxed – Director Andrew Wakefield


Special Patron’s Prize

Flotsom Jetsom – Director Banjo Fitzsimmon


Best Comedy Movie

Marital Problems – Director Dia Taylor


Best Suspense Movie

3rd Night – Director Adam Gravely


Best cinematography

Filip Laureys – Short Distance


Best Guerilla Film

Muscle Car – Director Dwayne Labbe


Best Acceptance Speech Video

Lisa Enos




Best Short (tie)

Smoke – Director Nick McNiece & Coin Flipper – Director James Di Martino


Runner up best short

Kimberly Clark – iDesire


Best Actor

Glenn Maynard, John Carpenter’s Corpse


Best actress

Georgia Eyers – Dont Change


Best international short

Laura McKenzie – The Unreason


Best cinematography

Sam Williamson – Enid


Best No Budget short

Tony Yang – Doll


Best director

Brad Netherclift


Special Jury Prize (Short)

Iron Spyder – Chris Mitchell


Special Patron’s Short Prize

An Afterlife – Director Ryan Neil Butler.


Best technical achievement

Andre Flament – Sombrouge


Award for best new talent

Laura McKenzie – Divine Intervention