Session 1 – Sunday October 29 @ 7pm – MoonDog Bar & Space


Alzhaimour1 DIR: Pierre Van de Kerckhove.
Run Time: 14 mins
French language drama about demented love!


Hero, Justin Banks DIR: Justin Banks.
Run Time: 6 mins
Two cops stumbled across a terrified woman. Starring Aussie horror hero John Jarratt!

Winding Brook

Winding Brook DIR: Mark Jones.
Run Time: 13 mins
A husband tries to get his wife help after she keeps hearing voices and receiving phone calls from her dead mother.

The Forgotten Children

The Forgotten Children DIR: Jason Hooker.
Run Time 12 mins.
The owners of a foster care home venture out to search for the orphan girl in their care.

Family Life

Familjeliv. Family Life, Anna-Karin Örander
DIR: Anna-Karin Örander.
Run Time: 19 mins.

Unique European drama about sexual fantasies.

Don’t Change

Don’t Change, Diana Djurcinovska DIR: Diana Djurcinovska.
Run Time: 12 mins.

Cassie learns to overcome the day to day bullying she receives at school and online.

Curated Illusions

Curated Illusions, Rachael Belle Myers DIR: Rachael Belle Myers.
Run Time: 12 mins.

After an accident leaves her with amnesia, Skye Reed tries to use her social media account to rediscover who she is.

“It’s been a privilege to curate this year’s shorts programme. Each year I’ve been involved in MUFF the overall technical quality of the shorts edges up and there’s no doubt that this has been the most technically impressive year. On top of that, I’ve been thrilled to see some top notch films from the US, France, Germany and other countries as well as a huge Aussie contingent.

Hopefully we’ve unearthed yet another James Wan/Pat Hughes level star.  Special thanks and shout out also to Amy Antcliffe for help and assistance with this years program”.

– Seamus Ryan, shorts curator.

Session 2 – Sunday October 29 @ 9pm – MoonDog Bar & Space


DIR: Marie-Stella McKinney.
Run Time: 11 mins.

Nick and Linda escape the city to a secluded cabin in the woods, but soon fear someone outside could be watching their every move. Aussie thriller!

Shout at the Ground

Shout at the Ground, Leela Menon
DIR: Leela Menon.
Run Time: 11 mins.

Trapped in a speeding van, a Kiwi rock band succumb to travel sickness while deconstructing the heist that robbed them of an entire weekend’s door take.

The Unreason

The Unreason, Chris Reading
DIR: Chris Reading.
Run Time: 5 mins.

Ruth and Megan run a vintage shop in North London, when one day they discover a time machine. Cheeky UK sci-fi comedy!

Divine Intervention

DIR: Laura McKenzie.
Run Time: 10 mins.
Comedy thriller about a cult.

Bleeding Backs

Bleeding Backs, Matt Vella DIR: Matt Vella.
Run Time: 5 mins.
A bodyguard with inner demons must rescue his client, after a deal he made backfires and puts her in danger.

Halfway House

Halfway House, Steve Young DIR: Steve Young.
Run Time: 15 mins.
Unique take on home invasion horror!

The Hunt

The Hunt, Adrian Prospero
DIR: Adrian Prospero.
Run Time: 14 mins.
A distant Son takes his elderly Father hunting for a beast who saw forty years ago.


Enid, Brad Netherclif
DIR: Brad Netherclif.
Run Time: 8 mins.
Joseph is a young male traveler injured in an animal trap accident, he stumbles upon the cabin of a lone woman.

From Bella to Chanel

From Bella to Chanel, Claire Pearson
DIR: Claire Pearson.
Run Time: 10 mins.
Kristen Stewart is the new face of Chanel but is the transformation complete?

Session 3 – Monday October 30 @ 7pm – MoonDog Bar & Space


Coinflipper, James Di Martino
DIR: James Di Martino.
Run Time: 11 mins.
A gambler is incapable of making complex decisions and uses a coin to make decisions for him.

The Snow Girl

The Snow Girl, Mixtape Club
DIR: Mixtape Club.
Run Time: 4 mins.
Newly arrived from Japan, Yuki confronts a group of bullies and discovers a secret about her father’s past – and herself.

The Privates

The Privates, Eddy Vallante
DIR: Eddy Vallante.
Run Time: 12 mins.
A band struggles with a radioactive energy in their music they can’t control.


Bubble, Mohini Herse
DIR: Mohini Herse.
Run Time: 10 mins.
Brilliantly made Black Mirror-esque comedy about a mobile app.


Quiche, Brianne Cullen
DIR: Brianne Cullen.
Run Time: 14 mins.
A black comedy about a young woman who plots vengeance against her sloppy and adulterous husband.


DIR: Tony Yang.
Run Time: 6 mins.
A girl is trapped in a house with an evil doll that captures souls.

The Wheels on the Bus

The Wheels on the Bus, Joshua Long
DIR: Joshua Long.
Run Time: 10 mins.
A bus breaks down in the North Korean countryside.


DIR: Danny Field.
Run Time: 8 mins.
A non-linear film about two lovers.

The Consequence

The Consequence, Jupe Louhelaine

DIR: Jupe Louhelainen.
Run Time: 7 mins.
In this post- truth era shockumentary actress Carlotta Moore’s life spirals out of control because of the success of her silver screen debut.

Swipe Left

Swipe Left, Caroline McQuade

DIR: Caroline McQuade.
Run Time: 9 mins.
Tinder meets The Hunger Games when a group of singles download a new dating app.

Eviction, Marcel Glauche

Session 4 – Monday October 30 @ 9pm – MoonDog Bar & Space


 Eviction, Marcel Glauche

DIR: Marcel Glauche.
Run Time: 27 mins.
German drama about a man forced out of his home.

In Life Today

In Life Today, Lauren Bailey

DIR: Lauren Bailey.
Run Time: 8 mins.

It’s a sunny day in Melbourne, much like any other. Except that today is the day that Erin is going to change the world.

Snoot in the City

Snoot in the City, Stephanie Davidson

DIR: Stephanie Davidson.
Run Time: 1 min.
Animated work featuring a house crushing robot!


Byefurnow, Michael Elliott Dennis

DIR: Michael Elliott Dennis.
Run Time: 17 min.
A bereaved pet owner, on the suggestion of a stranger in a bar, resorts to a mobile app to help him find closure.

The Yowie

The Yowie, Sam Eather

DIR: Sam Eather.
Run Time: 12 mins.
Found footage comedy about the Yowie.


DIR: Filip Flatau.
Run Time: 19 mins.
An actor goes insane trying to develop a showreel.

Spinning in Slow Motion

Spinning in Slow Motion, Tess Emmerson

DIR: Tess Emmerson.
Run Time: 8 mins.
Aussie drama about a platonic relationship featuring C Grade legend Rob Mills!

Session 5 – Tuesday October 31 @ 7pm – MoonDog Bar & Space


2am, Huseyin Hassan
DIR: Huseyin Hassan.
Run Time: 16 mins.
Spooky local riff on the Alice in Wonderland tale.


Nest, Rex Kane-Hart

DIR: Rex Kane-Hart.
Run Time: 12 mins.
Local story about a boy and an imaginary rat.

Long Yearning

Long Yearning
DIR: Elliot Spencer.
Run Time: 24 mins.
A cinematic exploration of the lives of Chinese factory workers and the nature of repetitive industrialised work

Dying for a Laugh

Dying for a Laugh
DIR: Stig Wemyss.
Run Time: 16 mins.
Stand-up comedian, Marty Moore is at the height of his career when it suddenly nose-dives thanks to a fatal confrontation with a heckler.


Infractions, Olivier Bonenfan
DIR: Olivier Bonenfant.
Run Time: 6 mins.
A red light camera goes on a mission of its own.

Red Handed

Red Handed, Chris Ramos
DIR: Chris Ramos.
Run Time: 5 mins.
Lily wants to go about her day in peace, but a familiar voice calls her again and the police won’t help.


Still, Adrien Boublil
DIR: Adrien Boublil.
Run Time: 7 mins.
Time stands still when a policeman makes an irreversible mistake.

Awake in my Sleep

Session 6 – Wednesday November 1 @ 7pm – MoonDog Bar & Space


DIR: Andre Flament.
Run Time: 9 mins.
Film noir about a shy man who meets the girl of his dreams but is manipulated by a shady figure.

Broken Sleep

Broken Sleep
DIR: Tom Dowuona-Hyde.
Run Time: 12 mins.
A Victorian woman time travels into a dilapidated tattoo parlour and meets its unsuspecting owner.

Wishing You Well

DIR: Carolyn Corkindale.
Run Time: 10 mins.
An orphan child is left with his grandfather. An overgrown well awakes his interest in his new home.

Three Thousand

Three Thousand
DIR: Frank Piripitsi.
Run Time: 14 mins.
Local fare about a woman who encounters a mysterious young boy.

Awake in my Sleep

Awake in my Sleep
DIR: Min Tran.
Run Time: 28 mins.
When a man downloads an app to record himself sleep talking at night, he discovers the voice recorded is someone else’s.


iDesire Kimbery Clarke
DIR: Kimberly Clarke.
Run Time: 4 mins.
Unrequited love, a familiar feeling from an unfamiliar source.


DIR: Alison Titulaer.
Run Time: 8 mins.
A couple trying to conceive are in bed, post-coital. He just wants to go to sleep, while she won’t stop chatting.