MUFF Academy 2017

This event is Free or “Gold Coin Donation”

Friday November 3rd
Moon Dog Craft Brewery

17 Duke Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067

MUFF Academy hosted and curated by Kristen Condon and Nathan Hill

Actors Forum 1pm

John Brumpton (Romper Stomper, Pawno, The Debt Collector) leads a team of local actors including Kristen Condon (Landfall and many others), Brendan Bacon (Spin Out), Tritia DeViSha (Revenge of the Gweilo), Pauline Grace (Innuendo) who will discuss the craft”


Directors Forum 3pm

Richard Wolstencroft chats with; Nathan Hill (Revenge of the Gweilo) Mark Bakaitis (Cult Girls) Greg Pakis (The Joe Manifesto) & Jeremy de Ceglie about micro budget filmmaking. A MUST see sit down and chat event.


Women in Film Forum 5pm

Lead by Kristen Condon. Chats with Donna McRae (Lost Gully Road) Kat Mathers (The Wedge) & Ebony Atlanta Butler (A Brilliant Genocide) Dia Taylor (Dir: Marital Problems) and Saara Lamberg (Writer Director Producer of Innuendo and Westermarck Effect).