Alex Proyas

Cinema Master Class

It is our great pleasure and honour to announce as Special Guest in 2017 one of Australia’s finest film directors of the last 30 years Alex Proyas. His work has dazzled, confronted and surprised audiences the world over for over 30 years now and he is the closest thing Australia has to a Peter Jackson having made the crossover to Hollywood Blockbuster in the mid ‘90s. Proyas is director, and sometimes writer, of such classic films as his independent debut Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds and his Hollywood debut The Crow. Dark City, followed, shot in Australia it was a dark and edgy ‘90s Sci-Fi classic that we will also be playing at MUFF 18. Garage Days, I, Robot and his under appreciated Knowing (that riffs on conspiracy theories) rounded out his work in the ‘00s. His recent blockbuster Gods of Egypt, an excellent film on Egyptian theology and ancient Gods that paid tribute to Ray Harryhausen is his latest feature.

Alex will be presenting a Three Hour Master class at Howler Bar at 6pm on Thursday November 2, 2017. He will talk about his views on indy cinema, making the crossover to larger budget films in Hollywood and discuss his own iconoclastic views and ideas on a whole nexus of topics surrounding this. He will be presenting in the talk some rarely seen short films from the ‘80s and ‘90s and possibly some artwork ideas from his unfinished epic based on Milton, Paradise Lost. There will also be a 45 minute Q and A at the end of talk with audience with MUFF festival director Richard Wolstencroft as moderator. Following all this Alex will introduce his masterpiece Dark City (the Director’s Cut, of course) at 9pm. What an EVENING! – an event not to be missed at MUFF 18!

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This is a VERY special Event – bound to sell out.
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Get to it folks – Not to be missed

Talk 6pm to 9pm with Shorts and Q & A.  Dark City – Director’s cut 9pm with Intro by Alex Proyas.


Alex Proyas Dark City


Thursday November 2 Howler, 7-11 Dawson St, Brunswick VIC 3056