M.U.F.F. 19 – We are now accepting film entries for the 2018 Melbourne Underground Film Festival.


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Without Further ado…
The MUFF 18 Award Winners.

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The Melbourne Underground Film Festival has now come of age. This year is it’s 19th year. That’s 19 years of supporting the best and most innovative Indy and underground cinema this country has to offer. M.U.F.F. has discovered the likes of (been the first film festival in the world or one of to play the work of, etc): James Wan, Patrick Hughes, Greg McLean, Abe Forsythe, Zak Hilditch, Steven Kastle Kastrissios, Scott Ryan, Christopher Lee Sun, Dean Bertram, Enzo Tedeschi, Stuart Simpson, Addison Heath, Ursula Dabrowsky, Frank Howson,  Dean Francis, Tim Burns, Matthew Victor Pastor, Gregory Pakis, Nathan Hill, Travis Bain. Jeremy DeCeglie, Donna McRae, Mark Savage, Jon Hewitt, Anna Brownfield, Jason “Jay Tee” Turley, Chris Mitchell, Daniel Armstrong, Andrew Leavold and Stefan Popescu and a host of others. We have featured the work of overseas luminaries such as Paul Schrader, Bryan Bruce LaBruce, Bret Ellis Easton Ellis, Lloyd Kaufman, Crispin Hellion Glover, William Lustig, Jim James VanBebber Gene Gregorits, Terry McMahon, Jennifer Jen Lynch, Alex Ross Perry, Evan Mather and many others.

After 19 years our reputation as an incubator of local talent and supporter of overseas innovators in cinema speaks for itself. So too our reputation for outrage, controversy, free speech advocacy and fostering of both the New Cinema and the Second Renaissance in Australian Cinema.

Festival Director Frank Howson of the recent Bobby Darin Musical has taken over the reins to guide M.U.F.F. forward to success and even greater heights.

Cheers Team M.U.F.F.

Alex Proyas

Cinema Master Class

Talk 6pm to 9pm with Shorts and Q & A. Dark City – Director’s cut 9pm with Introduction by Alex Proyas

Alex will be presenting a Three Hour Master class at Howler Bar at 6pm on Thursday November 2, 2017. He will talk about his views on indy cinema, making the crossover to larger budget films in Hollywood and discuss his own iconoclastic views and ideas on a whole nexus of topics surrounding this.


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This film has been rate (M) Violence and infrequent coarse language.