Sexy MUFF our yearly celebration of sexuality, the body and perversion is back and we are going nude… Check out below freaksters!

Henry Paris, A.K.A RADLEY METZGER Double Feature:


Dir. Henry Paris | 1977 | USA |
From the director of The Opening of Misty Beethoven (screened at MUFF IV in 2003) comes a film that can easily be described as one of the greatest adult pictures in history – and not in spite of sexy star Annette Haven, who plays author Barbara Broadcast. It was once said that the difference between pornography and erotica is the lighting. If this is the case, filmmaker Henry Paris certainly got his lighting right!
POP SHOP | Sat 9th July 9pm


Dir. Henry Paris | 1978 | USA |
Henry Paris is back! And as with his other 4 adult films (which includes Naked Came the Stranger and The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann), Maraschino Cherry is the work of a true artist. Paris came up with the most interesting, original and provocative sexual situations imaginable, and his filmography is a threat to anyone who questions the legitimacy of adult films as “art”. Paris’s unique (and warped) sense of humour is another highlight of this great film.
POP SHOP | Sat 9th July 9pm


Dir. Joseph Sarno| 1969 | Sweden |
After the success of the erotic epic Inga in 1967, Joseph Sarno directed this controversial follow-up. Filming in colour this time, The Seduction of Inga follows Inga’s adventures in the big city. Sarno is a master of sexploitation, and actress Marie Liljedahl sizzles as the naïve but extremely popular new girl in town. The film even features two songs composed and performed by the male members of ABBA (!) Although this top-notch sequel was completed by 1969, it didn’t see a US release until 1972. MUFF will be screening the rare American edit, commonly referred to as the “Grindhouse Version”, which features extra footage.
Glitch | Thu 14th July 7pm


Nude Double Feature

Nudism is in and we are shedding our clothes here at MUFF and getting funky for this naughty nudie double feature! That’s right, you guessed it… get in free if you watch the film nude at MUFF in 2005!! FREE! Have we gone mad? We will provide sufficient heating and a cloakroom for all. Melbourne nudists attention!... come on down and strip off at MUFF’s special Nude Day! Partially clothed punters(i.e undies) get in at half price. No cameras allowed but lots of nudism encouraged at Sexy MUFF this year. Here is our special nude double feature:

Diary of a Nudist

Dir Doris Wishman | 72min | 1961 | USA
A brilliant feminist nudie cutie from the 60’s that features a journalist sent by her seedy boss to do a sleazy, scandalous and sensational expose of a nudist camp. The ace reporter Stacey Taylor only finds sun and fun in the nudist utopia and refuses to do a scintillating scandal story. Helmed by the legendary Doris Wishman (see Femme Dentata) this film is a funny, light hearted and great introduction to the world of the nudist. Get free baby, go nude at MUFF in 2005!
Pop Shop | Sun 10th July 9pm

Naked as Nature Intended

Dir George Harrison Marks | 59min | 1961 | UK
Another early sixties nudist opus from British cheese cake pioneer George Harrison Marks who went on to edit the infamous CP magazine Kane in the 80’s and 90’s. Filmed at Cornwall in Health and Efficiency style and featuring cult model Pamela Green this film shows as much bare flesh as was allowed back in the sixties. Caused Michael Weldon from Psychotronic Encyclopaedia and magazine to exclaim, “ This is the best looking nudist movie I’ve seen”. And we agree with him.
Pop Shop | Sun 10th July 9pm

Bettie Page; Dark Angel

Dir: Nico B | 75min | 2004
Totally brilliant modern underground film about the life of cult model Bettie Page. Film features recreations of some of her long lost Irving Klaw loops and has a spot-on portrayal of our heroine by actress Paige Richards. Featuring cool music from Chris Stein of Blondie this flick is a great introduction and respectful tribute to the life, work and eventual tragedy of Bettie Page. Do not miss this classic sex-biopic of THE underground model of the 50’s and 60’s. If you dig Bettie you’ll dig this!
Pop Shop | Sat 16th July 9pm


Dir. Elizabeth Elson | 2005 | USA | 51 mins
An intimate and occasionally humorous look into the extraordinary erotic lives of four seemingly ordinary people, Born in a Barn takes us deep into the world of “ponyplay” - a fetish in which enthusiasts role-play as human ponies and handlers. Revealing the complex motives that drive each character to pursue this unusual passion and following them as they each confront the questions that being an erotic equine present, Born in a Barn is a film about finding an
identity in the pursuit of an unconventional desire.
Pop Shop | Sat 16th July 9pm


Dir. Magnus Paulsson & Christian Hallman | 52 min | 2004 | USA
The adult industry of the 1970s was one of directors, not pornographers; actors, not porn stars; 35mm film, not VHS. Seka, who starred opposite the likes of John C. Holmes and Bill Margold in Sweet Alice, was the blonde goddess of adult cinema’s golden age. In this documentary, a Swedish journalist (and Seka fan) goes on a hunt to find Seka and interview her. Look out for Ron Jeremy, Ashlyn Gere, Nina Hartley and other “legends”.
Pop Shop | Sat 16th July 7pm