The Second Coming-part one-Teaser Trailer

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Showing at this year’s MUFF.

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla

Showing Closing night. Friday 19th at 9pm.


Showing on Friday 19th at 5pm

The Suicide Theory

Showing on Friday 17th at 7pm.

The Dead Speak Back

Showing on Sunday the 14th at 7pm.

How to Time Travel

Showing on Wednesday the 17th at 9pm.

The Venue for the End of the World

Showing on Sunday the 14th at 9pm.

The Naked Rose

Showing on Friday the 19th at 7pm.

Silver Screen Snobs

Proud sponsors of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival.


MUFF is more than a film festival. It is a cinema movement and local Indy revolution. Works are being created from filmmakers who met exclusively at MUFF (Jugular for one example) and incredible synergies and filmmaker collaborations are forming. If you want to be an Indy filmmaker locally and you are NOT networking at MUFF – you are mad. All the young, inventive and aggressive new talent is here. We make MIFF’s tired 37 South look like a retirement home for dull Senior Citizens. We are The New Blood and we want Fresh Blood in the form of the best and most exciting Indy, Guerilla and Underground cinema from both Australia and Overseas.

We have a great new team on board, headed by myself, shorts programmer Hussein Khoder, new Fest Sponsorship Director Lyndon Stoneand Exec Producer Frank Howson. Together we are going to nut out the maddest, cheekiest and wildest MUFF yet – and we want you to be part of it.